I decided... Now where to buy?

  1. I decided on the Speedy 30! (I can always get the Batignoles Horizontal next!) Now where can I get a good deal on one? I dont really like eBay, It kinda sketches me out! :biggrin: Help!
  2. If you don't do eBay.. it's pretty hard to get a "good deal" on an LV..
    Only LV stores and eluxury are authorized to sell them. Don't let any other websites tell you otherwise...
    You can also check consignement stores.. but you will also need to know yr LVs in case u end up getting duped.
    If you do end up deciding going the eBay route, ck the "mypoupette" sellers...
  3. Go through ******.com and order the speedy from eluxury.com. You will save state tax and get 3% of the purchase price back from ******.

    If you aren't familiar with ******, check out their site. It's cool.
  4. mypoupette.com has auctions too. or they can tell you where to go to buy authentic LV.
  5. i have to agree with going onto ******.com then ordering from eluxury.
  6. If you get a speedy, you're better off buying it retail because even on eBay, it sells for close to retail. It is one of LV's best resale bags. I guess because its so high in demand.
  7. eluxury.com
  8. Thanks!

    Now to save up! :biggrin:
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