I decide to go with work bag over the medium bag

Feb 27, 2006
I bought emerald work bag and ink medium bag. After two days testing drive, I decided to keep the emerald work bag and gave the ink city bag to my sister. When I used the shoulder strap for city bag, the middle of the bag is sagged and I had a hard time to deal with the tabs at each end of the bag. While the work bag works perfectly for me, enough room and comfortable in my arm. I think after certain usage the handles stretch longer,I should be able to wear it over my shoulder.;)
But I LOVE LOVE ink color, so I ordered an INK work this afternoon. Is it too much to have two same style same size bags in different color?:sick:


Jan 18, 2006
Congrats! Although there are so many amazing b-bag colors- I can completely understand why you would want ink in several styles! I just love ink- so gorgeous! Please post pics when your bag arrives! Can't wait!


Just 1 more, I swear...
Feb 24, 2006
Congrats! I totally understand about wanting more than one colors of the same style, the only thing keeping me from getting both ink and cornflower city is my bank account! But Emerald and Ink are both SO gorgeous and SO different from each other that I think it's totally OK to have both ;) Congrats! And you must post pics (I'm never tired of seeing bbag pics)
Jan 25, 2006
Your emerald bag is lovely, chloe. Having two different color bags in the same style is definitely not too much, as long as you love the style of the bag, which is sounds like you definitely do. Plus, ink and emerald are not similar at all. Enjoy your new bags.