I Dare You Weekend Bag?

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  1. I'm just now getting into the whole MC thing.
    Was this really a bag?
  2. yep!
  3. Sure was, here is a link to one

  4. its ab. gorgeous. this bag started my eye dare/love obessesion!
  5. I can't tell if I love it or if it's too "much" going on.
    I wonder how big it is?
  6. It's about 3-4 times the size of a Le Fab.
    Here are the dimensions from the auction link:
    Size: 20"L x 16"H x 10"W
  7. i just think "Eye Dare YOU" and "L'Extravagant" is just too apt a name for this model.
  8. It indeed did exist-but they only made 200 of them and they were very pricey. Although they do pop up on ebay sometimes, you'll never find one for under $1K
  9. That one actually is on Ebay.
    The seller is local to me. I know the bag retailed in the $4500 range and she's selling for below retail.
    Even if she sold it for 50% below retail (which I doubt she will since it's new) it would still be out of my league.

    She did say that if I wanted it (DREAM!!) I could pick it up with her at the Americana and get it authenticated right then and there. Apparently she's selling off a LOAD of her personal LV (among other high end brands) and she's very well known at that mall, which is basically the "Miracle Mile" of Long Island.

    This is another LV collectable she has up. I've never seen it, but I imagine that it's authentic as well.
  10. i've heard of that line but i've never seen it. i like LV back in the day.. when they released "secret" lines like this. haha.
  11. it's called "Frances" and it also came in a black/silver glo-mesh. i think it came out the same time as the Mono Shine bags - F/W 2002. very nice.