I dare you to name this LV bag...

  1. i found this picture in a magazine last fall. when i saw it, i said to myself "this is the only purse i will need for the rest of my life!" well....WHAT IS IT???? i've haven't seen it anywhere! If anyone can name it, i would appreciate it!
  2. I believe it's from the Vienna limited edition line, LV_addict has the mizi one. I think I saw this just a few weeks ago on vuitton.com (france...I only look there lol)
  3. lol.. john, i think you and i posted at the same time!
  4. I swear i saw that on the cover of vogue or elle for 8690k or something
  5. Indeed. :graucho:
  6. Well, that'd be the official name, I'd name it something like superfabulousattentionscreamingsexiness if I had one. :graucho:
  7. You "seasoned" LVer's are brilliant! Thanks!
  8. OH MY GOD!!! I checked it out on ebay--$13, 999!!!! Now, I wish that I would have never found it!!!! Gee, thanks!! LOL
  9. lol.. it IS a sexy*ss bag.. :shame: :lol:
  10. Try saying that ten times fast!! :P
  11. Sharon Stone just sported this bag at the LV dept start Paris opening.


    This is my DREAM LV bag.
  12. I hate her now
  13. i'm speechless, this bag is to die for!!!