I.D this bag please??


Jul 26, 2008
she's dutch :biggrin:
Isn't she ?! :wtf:
I did not notice it seeing her name !
:yahoo::P :yahoo::P

You must send a mail to know stores locations : as I have not wrotten one yet, I tried to find someone who could answer me here ! :nuts:

But I have to say that the fact that she is Dutch does not necessarly involve that her products are distributed in Belgium or in the Netherlands.
Do you know Urban Decay makeup ? The foundator of this brand is a Belgan woman and .... no UD makeup in Belgium !!!! :shrugs:


Aug 21, 2008
Ohmygoodness, thank you soooooooooo much it.girl for finding out which bag that is!!!!! omgomg, you are AWESOME...and thank you ANGELICA07 for replying and :bump:ing my thread up, i was soo afraid it was gonna get lost and unanswered....:crybaby:

but yay, now i can go buy it!!
its been quite the task though, trying to figure out which color she has in the picture?
ive been looking around, and theres alot of colors...i know its a metallicy color though..
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