I.D. Katie's balenciaga for me please.

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  1. a.) What model bag is this?

    b.) What color?

    c.) Can I get this with regular hardware?


  2. Vert Gazon
  3. I'll play the game - was this on St. Patricks day or something??

    a) Balenciaga day w/ giant hardware
    b) vert gazon (2007 color)
    c) I believe so... I just don't know if its still available.
  4. Okay - it's official I NEED this bag. What model is it?
  5. Looks like a Vert Gazon Day w/GH
    It does come in RH, impasto has one and it's breathtaking!
  6. ^^:yes:

    Suri is such a cutie!
  7. ^^Did she post photos? I'd love to check them out! I NEEEEEEEED THIS BAG!
  8. Is this the DAY or the HOBO - according to old threads I was looking at they are different model bags??? One had a longer strap and more of a crescent shape (I didn't like it as much).

    I need to know as I don't want to order the wrong bag!
  9. beaux, this is the DAY with GH. Check BalNY -- they might have them with the RH in Vert Gazon.
  10. ^^Thank you!

    Does anyone know how much it is? (GH & RH)?
  11. Day w/ RH $995
    Day w/ GH $1295
  12. RH is 995

    That is so cute that she matches Suri!!! :yes:
  13. So do I have a snowballs chance in hell of finding this bag?????
  14. I think so. I don't think it's sold out yet.
  15. BTW, Aloha Rag had this same bag (Vert Gazon Day with GH) available last month...