I.D. Jessica's New Bag

  1. I didn't get many takers the first round, and I have a better photo now...can anyone give me a clue about this bag? Please![​IMG]
  2. I can't see the pic.:sad2:
  3. Neither can I
  4. Okay, let's see if this works...
    Jessica US photo.jpg
  5. I like her bag but am SO distracted be her PERFECT freakin' hair! LOL!
    Have no idea who makes that bag . . . so many designers make similar products.
  6. Not sure, but looks like a Valentino to me, or a look alike.
  7. I thought it was similar to a Valentino, too...now I have to figure out which one! Any idea where I can find good Valentino pics?
  8. they're extensions- read today's new york times style section.. she does not do that to her own hair- she has a stylist essentially living with her!
  9. It's true. Ken Paves I think is his name. I love how we look at these photos and think they are "real" and they are created by a group of professionals before they leave the house and then airbrushed by another group before we ever see them. Amazing. But they look SO good!
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