I cut my hair!

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  1. I wanted a change. I've been wearing a really choppy bob like VB for a couple yrs now. It's totally different for me but I think I like it!

  2. it's very chic, I love it!

    What was it llike before?
  3. chic!
  4. It was like a grown out VB bob, really choppy layers, I usually wore it messy and no bangs. It was getting out of control in the back though because no one ever cut it right. I was told it couldn't be done because my hair is naturally curly.
  5. Thanks ladies! I'm nervously awaiting DH. Don't know what he will say!
  6. soo cute. i love it. definitely a fierce and modern look
  7. it looks really pretty! i wish i could have short hair sometimes. i would look really weird though
  8. arireyes - wow! you look like an old-school hollywood movie star!!!!! :heart:
    it looks great on you! very chic!
  9. You look beautiful! I love the cut!
  10. WOW!!!! You look so French-chic! LOVE it!
  11. ^ yep I agree very French and chic! I envy you, I can't cut my hair so short because of my frizzy curls...
  12. Love it, you look great!
  13. It looks great!!! :nuts:
  14. Fantastic! Really suits you.
  15. Cute!