I cut my hair pixie short (again...)


Dec 27, 2005
:biggrin: Have to laugh at this one. I always had a pixie cut, dyed blond or foil highlighted......then last year (Sept.) I decided I was going to grow it out to a chin length blunt cut. I also went darker to a light/medium brown. I was using Redken shades EQ color gloss and like the color but hubby kept saying he likes me blond better.:P
So last week I just couldn't stand my hair--it was growing out but I felt it was not me......so I went to the salon and hubby came with me. I showed my stylist a few pictures of short with long bangs going almost to your ear and the regular pixie cut I had before. She said let's try the long bang cut but I don't think you will like it (she knows me). She cuts it and it looks cute but I tell her the long bangs will probably drive me crazy so I walk over to where hubby is getting his hair cut and say "what do you think--long bangs or shorter"? His reply was get it cut shorter because it will drive you nuts....:nuts: I guess he knows me better than I thought.
SO I have my short pixie cut and I am totally loving it. Not sure about color yet....it is really more of a light brown since I got so much cut off. I think I will probably just dye it blond....:smile:
I feel like a new person and love my hair. I think why did I go through winter with my hair hanging and too dark. I guess sometimes you can want a change but when something works so well it is not worth it. I feel this is my look and I am sticking to it. My hair is super healthy looking too.
My friends all laugh because they kept saying I would never grow it out....they were surprised I lasted so long.


Jul 10, 2008
I love pixie cuts! I would love to see a photo!

I'm the same boat as you - I've had my hair short for years now. My husband loves short hair, so it works out great. I'm also one of those people that gets bored with their hair very quickly. I had a pixie cut last summer and have now grown it out to a chin-length bob... we'll see how long that lasts. :lol:


Dec 23, 2009
Oooh, would love to see a picture. It's definitely annoying when you feel like you want a change then when you do, you know it's not you. Happy you're loving being pixie again :biggrin:


May 18, 2007
You're a brave girl. I'll be holding on to my long locks for many years to come.
Would love to see pics too. I'm sure it's gorgeous :smile: