I cross over to the Bbag world!

  1. After almost 11 months of studying (not consecutively) for the Series 7 exam I passed!!... and so I decided to reward myself with a Bbag!!! Sorry LV, I crossed over :shame:

    I *think* I saw somewhere a picture of a city with leather that wasn't veiny and it was more pebbley..can someone clarify?

    After reading all the threads between the City, Work and PT..I'm debating if I should exchange it? I'm 5'0 and 100 lbs and in comparison, I think the carrying capacity of the LV Speedy 30 is just right for me. Any opinions?

    Presenting my '08 City in Black.

    I :heart: my new bag! :wlae:
    balenciaga.jpg balenciaga2.jpg
  2. Congrats on your first bbag! I love the leather in your first pic, it looks so smooth. In the pic with flash the distressing shows up, but it looks nice and even. Great choice, and you can't go wrong with black! :smile:
  3. very pretty and wonderful choice for a first bbag...you'll get MANY uses out of this bag and you'll be surprised by how much you love it over the years. I love my black city more everyday because i've had her since ss2006 and the leather has gotten so pretty.
  4. Congrats on both passing your test and your first bal! She looks amazing, and she will look even better over time!
  5. Thanks all for your comments! I can't stop smelling her..she smells so goooood! *sigh* :love:
  6. CONGRATS on passing your Exam & your first Bbag!!! I love the even distressing in this picture, it is so GORGEOUS!!!

  7. It's distressed just like my 08 black day. Gorgeous! I personally LOVE a distressed Bbag, seems to take the whole motorcycle biker appeal to a new level. Congrats on your test and your new bag!
  8. Congrats on your first bbag!
  9. Wow congrats on your 1st BBAG! I just got my 1st BBAG as well.. and I LUV IT!!!!:love:

    From one Pnay to another... get.more.BBAGS! :yes:
  10. Congrats - beautiful bag!
  11. Wow, gorgeous Black City! I love the distressing- mine is like that too and just keeps getting better! The smell is divine:yes:
    Congratulations on your test and on your new bag!
    I have put my laptop in my City, so it does fit nicely....
  12. congrats! welcome to the DARK side :devil:
  13. Congratulations!! Such gorgeous leather!! You mentioned that you were considering exchanging her, and while I'm not sure I could part with such a beautiful bag :nogood: , I do think that you might want to consider a work or part time if you are worried about the size. I find the city to be a little too small for every day use - probably due to carrying a cabas mezzo as an everyday bag for years! But again, she is a beauty - I don't know if I could part with her!!
  14. Nice way to reward yourself ! what a a perfect choice for a 1st bbag, the leather looks incredible!
  15. Congratulations on your Exam - and your 1st BBag.
    You picked a gorgeous bag.
    In fact, she's next on my list.
    Enjoy!!!!! :tup: