I cried over my 2 lost packages from NM.....

  1. Gals, I just need to let it out. I am so pissed and upset. I ordered 2 chanel bags from 2 different NMs by phone......Of course the SAs didn't provide me a tracking number and just told me that I should get them today.....well guess what, one package was delivered yesterday morning and one was delivered this morning.....the Fed Ex guy just left both of them at my door, no signature required, no door tag, and he doesn't even bother to maybe drop them at my patio or leave them with a neighbor. So 2 days passed I got NOTHING, and that means they were both STOLEN......!!!!

    I am just so mad. It was late when I got home I couldn't called NM at shorthill coz they were already closed. Called the other NM at Las Vegas, the SA said he will have to call me back tomorrow and he may need to file a claim to Fedex if it is indeed lost. But then I also called Fedex 1800 number, the customer service guy was soooo rude, he basically said if the sender didn't require a signature from the recepient they are not obligated to get a signature and will just leave the freakin box with "Neiman Marcus" printed on at my door :censor: ! And even if NM bought insurance and filed for a claim, Fedex could still deny the claim if NM indeed didn't require a signature from me!!!

    Then after calling fedex 1800 #, I called NM 1800 # since by then the vegas NM was closed too.....the NM 1800# lady was super nice and friendly, but unfortunately NM online and catalog has different system from the store system, so she doesn't know if all policies are the same between the store division and the online division......but she said the store should refund me the credit regardless whether Fedex denies the claim or not.......and she said NM online ALWAYS asks for signature (but again she doesn't knwo if the store requires signature or not)....

    I really worry.......I mean it wan't my fault that I didn't receive my packages......I don't know whether I will get my money back.....and I have to make numerous phone calls tomorrow......

    Has anyone run into this problem with NM when placing a phone order?? How did it get resolved? Did Fedex just leave your package from NM without asking for signature and no door tag too???

    I am just so sad :crybaby:
  2. OMG what a nightmare. So sorry you are going through this. First thing I'd do is call the police and get some sort of report. If someone stole it from your porch, perhaps someone saw something? Having a police report would be helpful I would think. I also think NM owes you a bag. They should have taken out the proper insurance for this type of occurence. So sorry to hear this. Keep us posted.
  3. I m so sorry for you! But I am sure that NM repost the bags or give you your money bag! When you think about it at least it is a reputable department store and not any random seller! Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. I'm sorry!
    I hope all gets resolved-this definitely wasn't your fault!
    I had something stupid like that happen..it wasn't a big deal but I had gotten a piece of clothing from ebay and it came in this flimsy envelope. Well it WOULD have come in the envelope..but all I got was the thing with the mailing label on it and nothing in it!
    And I reported it but I lost out on my money..once postal theft takes place, there's nothing you can do. I was SO mad.
    But you're dealing with NM so they should definitely be able to help you..good luck and PLEASE keep us posted; we all want to know how this turns out!
  5. I'm terribly sorry to hear this, hikaru! I really hope that NM will credit you. I don't understand why NM does not require a signature, or why FedEx would just leave a huge package. They have those door tags...they should :censor: use them!! A few months ago, I ordered 2 Marc Jacobs Stams from 2 seperate stores and they, too, were left on my porch, behind a recycling bin. Ridiculous! I don't live in a ritzy part of town, so there was probably a good chance that someone could come right up and walk off with almost $2500 worth of merchandise! Thank god that no one took them, but it's just the point of it!

    This has also happened with other packages, as well. It's gotten to the point where I either have things shipped to my parents' business, or sometimes I leave a note on the door stating NOT to leave packages on the porch.
  6. thanks gals for your support. I just never got packages stolen before when they were left at my door since my neighborhood is considered "safe" (well, until today...). and if i remember correctly the fedex guys always just leave packages from NM at my door without reuiqring any signature even if it's an overnight shipment. Versus with packages from chanel the fedex guy always require signature, if i am not in he would leave a door tag for my chanel packages.....so now I really wonder if it is NM who doesn't require signatures from the customer. BUT according to the NM online customer service lady, NM (at least the online division) must require a signature unless the customer specifically asks to be released from that requirement. But with the NM store they just always leave my packages at the door......if that's the case then it is really NM's fault....I mean come on, for a bag over $1000 you would want to make sure your customer did indeed receive it and not just leave outside until the customer comes home from work!!!!
  7. wth Neiman Marcus required a signature when i ordered a trench and stam, so i don't understand they didn't get them for ur chanel's. Anyways u can file a claim with ur CC. Don't worry abt it everything will work out.
  8. ^ right now I just feel like I just threw over $2000 in the ocean......I am going to have a hard time to fall asleep....
  9. I agree with Luccibag, you should still file a police report to be on the safe side. Did you purchase with AMEX? Maybe they can do something about it too. I think though, NM will make up for it, don't stress out too much for now, you need to save your energy for tomorrow!

    Good Luck, I hope things work out!
  10. hikaru, I'm so sorry this happened! I'm sure it will get resolved, though. NM should have had signature requirement upon delivery and I'm sure that they will make up for their mistake. Don't get too upset over it, try to get some rest and deal with it tomorrow!
  11. This has never happened to me before and I'm so sorry about your situation! I would be losing sleep over this too. I hope you find some resolution tomorrow and it's suprising to me that NM doesn't have at least signature confirmation like elux does.
  12. NM always requires a signature from me. I have ordered many bags and other items from stores and online and whether its overnighted or 2 day fedex I always have to sign. The only time I did not need to sign is if its not my regular fedex guy. They just run up to the door and drop the box and run back to the truck. I feel so bad for you. I truly think that NM is resposible for your purchases. I do know that they insure every fedex package at least that is what I was told by an SA. :flowers:
  13. I have orderd 2 bags from NM - one came directly from a store, the other came from a central NM warehouse (but the SA in the store did the transaction). Neither one of them required a signature ... the packages were left on the doorstep. I also ordered a bag from NM.com and same thing ... packages were left, no sig required.
  14. Please don't let NM put this on you. THEY should require whatever shipping service they use to get a signature for that amount of money.

    I just can't believe they would not require one. I'm sorry you don't have your bags, good luck to you.

    Just a thought...maybe you could knock on your neighbors doors and ask if they saw anything. Maybe even lie and say one of the other neighbors saw them take the package in for you. If you happen to knock on the "right" door, maybe someone might have a conscience and have a change of heart. I know it's a stretch but you never know.
  15. don't go down without a fight. I promise it will all work out whatever u do just don't back off