I cried a little today...

  1. I was walking around the mall today as this woman was strolling toward me...dressed very smartly, and in her hand? A speedy! a PAINTED Speedy! somebody painted 3 letters (her initials, I assume) and the HEAD OF A CHEETAH right on the front! It was huge, and nearly covered the entire front side! I seriously stopped in my tracks and stared at her bag! :wtf::wtf::wtf: I even turned around when she passed me! the poor thing!
  2. is that speedy real to begin with? :wtf: but even so, i highly doubt LV's custome paint size will be that big....poor speedy :crybaby:
  3. ^I'm not 100% sure...but it definitely wasn't professionally done...it looked like a 4th grader did it!
  4. maybe her child did it and she thought it was great...
    poor bag :sad:
  5. is the speedy auth? Maybe the person who painted her bag is sig for her
  6. HAHA o wow
  7. possible! but not a good habit for kids to have, LV canvas aren't the same as the ones sold in Michaels!
  8. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  9. to each her own, i guess

    personally, however : :wtf:
  10. They will custom paint most of the Monogram Canvas pieces.. I was tempted to get it done, but the wait times are ridiculous.
  11. Actually if it holds some sentimental value, i might do it. :smile:
  12. oh my, some people are just weird. :lol:
  13. I would paint something small on one corner of my bag, maybe a small pug? Anyway I would not feel bad for staring, you have to know when you do something like that, you are going to catch people's attention.
  14. :nuts: