I cracked!

  1. After a stressful day having an item stuck in US customs - I felt I had to reward myself with this

    Last day of the sale too! :yahoo:

    I've never bought from NM to Australia before so I will let you know how it goes.
  2. I'll be interested to know how your order goes as I have never ordered to Australia either.... I've never been quick enough lol

    Did you order via livechat?
  3. How could you not crack? It's a wonderful keychain!
  4. Great accessory, enjoy.
  5. Yes I ordered via livechat. You can't order internationally over the normal online ordering system. I'm not sure how much I will be charged for shipping as he told me my shipping was $25, but then told me the total was $108.00. I shall wait and see. :smile:
  6. Very cool!
  7. Nice!
  8. I bought my Chloe boots off NM using live chat. I was offered different levels of shipping, and I chose the quickest one (I think it was about $50) The boots arrived safe and sound (I'm in Perth) and are gorgeous!! All up, I was really pleased with the Neiman Marcus live chat and customer service in general

    Cute purchase bellacherie!
  9. Were you charged for the shipping bern? I appear not to have been....
  10. Oh I love it! Congrats girl!
  11. That's so cute bella! Be sure to show us pics!
  12. that key chain is adorable! i was tempted to buy during NMs sale too. you will have to put pics when it arrives
  13. Good for you. Its beautiful. My darling hubby treated me the other day to their chloe Crystal keychain and ordered it by live chat. Mine should arrive here in the uk soon. Im told its gonna be next week as shipping is fast to the uk by the quickest shipping method.
    Soon as i get it i will post pics of it. He has also treated me to the white hardware chloe keychain with black leather. Not seen it yet so cant make a comment as to whether i like it or not.
  14. That is soooo cute! :heart:

  15. Oh wow he is a keeper! Cant wait to see them!