I cracked the code

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  1. Everytime the letters 'the' appear, it is coming up ***.
  2. ?
  3. What?
  4. Its weird!!! I've only noticed it in the "lazy..." thread... thought it was my pc playin tricks on me...

    ETA it looks like it fixed itself. Now we look silly since no one has any idea what we're talking about LOL
  5. ???
  6. I noticed that when my post contained sevreal *** instead of "T-H-E"
  7. ohh i saw some postings with those too and I thought that it was on purpose..
  8. I was getting rather excited, I thought everybody had been swearing a lot and it all had to be edited!:biggrin:
  9. ^^ lol
  10. LOL Me TOO!
  11. I noticed it and thought it was on purpose or something.
  12. Vlad did it!!! He made a little boo boo! :amuse: But yes, he somehow made it *** the word THE
  13. ok i noticed it too...thought i was going loco there for a minute :nuts::lol::nuts:
  14. Sheesh! It seems like I'm on her 24-7 and I never noticed anything strange.