I counted my Coach Bags, I am one Big Piglet...10 and I want more...

  1. This is really embarrassing and hard to admit...But, I just went into my closet today and counted my Coach Bags. I must have 10 of them, plus accessories. My new Ali type Whiskey 10327 just arrived and although it is still heavy, it is a lot less heavy than the Ali. It is called a legacy flap on the ticket but not the little one it is about 10 by 13 by 3. I really see no difference. I also just got a tan large Ergo at the PCE event yesterday, with a little white purse attached to it. I think that I have ordered in the last 3 weeks, a signature legacy wristlet, A whiskey zip shoulder bag and french purse before I knew this Ali type exsisted, a legacy pony scarf, pink hip bag, wristlet. And, I am thinking because I have some time left in the pce week that I should have gotten a black or white Ergo tote with the discount. Now this is really getting out of hand. I did have quite a bit of credit at Coach...from my mom who passed away last month and never used had some of the bags I had bought her. But, I feel this wanting more is not something that is good or healthy. I have no more room on my shelves. I have a walk in closet and shelves all around the top. I have wristlets, brown bags, white bags, and 1 black bag, along with some very cute Jcrew bags and summer non designer bags that I have to remember I have. I do not lead a big social life, am married and we rent movies, cook together and on the weekends go for walks, go to movies eat out oncce in a while or order in, Chinese food. This buying seems to have gotten worse since my mom passed away, but this Coach thing always was there and now I think it is out of hand. I do not need another Ergo. HELP!!!!
  2. Lynn, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I think this could be a way of avoiding grieving for you. Don't be offended, I don't mean any disrespect to you. But it sounds like you might be using this as a way of comforting yourself. I do it too. I don't have a concrete reason though but I think at times I grieve moving here from down south and go on a splurge. Maybe take some time to reflect on your mom and the loss that you feel but don't dwell there. Move on to remembering the good things and to letting go. I bet the feelings you have will pass. And once your mourn her passing, you can celebrate her life! You may still be seriously addicted to Coach but at least you can feel like you have it under control rather than it driving you. KWIM? It sounds like you have a beautiful collection. I too have 10 bags right now. I'm going to sell 2 and if they go, then I get to buy the Ergo hobo I want. If not, I'm going to MAKE myself wait. I promised my dh that I wouldn't have more than 10 bags at a time and that I'd sell old bags to buy new bags. I'm trying hard to keep my word! LOL!
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Buying purses will help you to forget about your problems momentarily, as mentioned you're grieving right now, but you seem like you're pretty aware of the situation so as long as you don't break your bank I think you're OK.

    For me buying bags comes in cycles. Sometimes I'm completely obsessed about buying them and seem to get two or three in a month, then things cool down a bit and it's months before I buy anything. Right now I have three bags I've never carried and am going to the Outlet Friday.

    It's a nice diverting, if not kind of expensive little hobby.
  4. Lynn...

    I'm sorry about your mom, and a part of you may feel connected to her by the Coach bags. Its all about finding your own way to grieve, and everyone has given some great input so far...

    I think buying handbags can be a coping mechanism, while my situation is different from yours... I think I've used handbags as my own little diversion, and a way to be comfortable with life. DH and I don't do much (sounds like we are alike there!), other then going to motorcycle races in the summer - otherwise we just watch a bunch of movies and go out to eat occasionally... For me, handbags are a way to find a release, and to find a common bond through something I'm almost starting to consider an art!!

    Right now, I have a bit over 10 bags and really need to part with a few of them, I think you'll know what the right number of you is. 10 bags gives you a good variety for every season or occasion... Come here anytime for support and love!!! :flowers:

    Check out this thread for a little laugh: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/handbag-obsession-what-is-wrong-with-me-109898.html#post2178453 :shame: This really happened today...
  5. B4B! Too funny! I mean, not really but it is! I don't know why we obsess. Are you happy in your new home? Does furniture represent having to put down roots or having to stay somewhere that you aren't happy? The only reason I ask that is because I wouldn't make friends for a while when we first moved to SD. I didn't want to become emotionally invested in anyone because 1) I was sure that we were going to be leaving and going back "home" so didn't want to be hurt saying good-bye again and 2) I didn't want to face the reality that THIS was home. We took a pay cut too so I think for a while (before Coach came into my life) I purchased lots of bags to help cope with the grief of losing that income. Who knows? At least we see what's going on and we're trying to make sense of it rather than hide our heads in the sand (or go out buying ostrich handbags!).
  6. Lynn,

    I am so sorry about your mother's passing, and although you may be using the purchasing of Coach to cope, it may also be your way of connecting with her and remembering her. I also think that this forum can help you find people to talk to outside of what you normally would do in real life, and remember, we are all here to help you when you need it.

    Have you considered selling the bags that you never use? This may be a way of getting some cash to buy a new bag/accessory and clean up the closet.
  7. I am going to answer you all individually in a short while, for each of your posts really deserve much thought and a really well thought out answer. But, for this moment, I do want to say that I really have not felt so much compassion and understanding from a group of new "friends" in a very, very long time.

  8. The death of a parent is hard, I would know. :sad: The best is to grieve and then to remember that there are memories there regardless of whether she is physically there or not. Do not let monetary expenditures be an outlet to your grief, it's actually a really bad habit that can lead to frivolous spending. The best thing to do is just to sit back, and breathe. :smile:

    Think about everything that has happened, think about what you really do need. And what you really need right now is to go out, not necessarily to spend on designer or non-designer handbags or other material needs, but to go out with your husband and have a night of fun and relaxation.

    At the end of the day, if an Ergo is the thing that can cure an ailing heart, then go out and get it. By all means. But it seems as if you have purchased a lot, and as the old saying goes, money cannot buy everything.

    Feel better Lynne, and my prayers tonight are for you and your mother. :smile: :heart:
  9. Lynn, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Its so recent too.
    I know whats it like to get carried away with bags. I am trying to remember I can only carry one at a time (unless a new trend I was thinking of starting takes) Seriously, I really looked at what I have and what I use and for the most part, the bigger bags meet my daily needs. I have too many little going out bags, so I listed a couple on eBay. Just give yourself time to decide what you really want and can use and enjoy them.
    Take care and keep us posted.
  10. Yes, I took stock tonight of what I have, and indeed there are too many things. I usually tote ariound something easy and do not change with every outfit for over a week. I know I must cut down and I really know what is driving this..besides talking about all of the cute new things you all want and get and seeing the lovely pictures of them. Yes, you are totally right about time. It is going to take a lot of time to be me again...Thanks so much!!
  11. What a kind, perceptive and lovely note. Believe me, I have decided to stop while sitting in my closet looking at the bags that simply could not feed my soul. They are pretty and I need to wear them and enjoy them for they are mine..but I am not willing to have them lead to a spree and get in debt. I have enough, more than enough material things. They only fill the soul for the moment. Making friends that care and simply make you feel known and understand...are the most important gifts of all. Thank you for your kind letter...Lynn
  12. I am really glad I joined this forum, for there are so many caring and helpful people here. We tend to isolate when we have a loss, and indeed, I knew that I was doing that and buying too many things. They all have receipts and tags, so it is no problem if I come to my sense this week. LOL. I think the most important thing to realize is that we ARE doing just that...Thank you for your support and the really nice and fun people to talk to!!!
  13. The threads were not working late last night so I am assessing my closet..I really do not use or need 10 bags nor the ergo tote if I have the hobo...just because there is a pc event...Thanks!!!!
  14. Yes, I am going to assess what I do have rather than what I do not have. It is a rough time for me. crazy, one of my other emails got mixed in with this one... I married a nice guy, but one who is too practical and not a talker. I had to get away from "those bad boys" that had such allure...But, right now as I an growing and changing..a purse simply does not fill the intimacy I need, I need to re-assess my relationship, my priorities and know myself well, not just my closet, does that make sense?
  15. I answered all last night , but the website was not responding so I got tired and went to sleep. Yes, I need to feel that loss and it is very soon to get past that dark place. I do have a beautiful collection and my closet is not going to make me so happy. I find myself picking on the littlest thing my hubbies says or does not say like 'did you read the coffee pot directions or ten seconds later, did you read the book when the new pot did not brew really hot coffee and got very angry. I wonder..if all of this is anger that my mom is gone? ...hmmmmm