I could't believe to see that !

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  1. Today I went to LV to change my new totally Pm because of a defect on an handle that wasn't fix well, in particular there was some glue coming out the handle and it was open where it's stitched near the ring.
    So, when I arrived at the boutique, the SA that I found was very kind and after inspecting the bag he has shown me another bag and told me to check it very well and If it goes well for me I could take it..
    But now.. Here's what I saw...
    When I was leaving the store, I've seen with my own eyes that the SA has put away the bag ( defected ) in the drawer with all the other bags ready to be sold!
    I can't believe it!
    The bag has a huge defect on the handle and if carried full with I'm sure it's going to broken down quickly!! It's supposed to be stitched perfectly and not like this!
    So, for those who wonder if the return are sold..yes, they are! 😖
  2. Sad but not surprised....

  3. Out of interest what boutique was this?
  4. Italy, Milan!
  5. That is so not cool to do! I would've addressed it. As a consumer that's your right to express concern. This is an example as to why we should inspect all our bags and not trust the store/online LV to give us a superior item.
  6. I figured they resell returned items (after inspecting) but not defected ones. Omg. This is exactly the reason why I take my time inspecting my items in store.
  7. If the SA didn't think it was a defect, then it will be resold indeed. I am surprised they didn't take it to the back to recondition it though.
  8. I'm not surprise at all. When i first got into LV about 10 years ago, i didn't know anything about inspecting my purchases. I just assume everything is fresh and new from the draws. I was so excited to walk out with my new bag, after 6 hours of driving home to find the underside of the handle was wrinkle and dirty. When i took it back to the store the next day, the SA was giving me grief that LV would not of sold a bag in that condition and implied i used it. I had to argue my way for an exchange and at the end she replied with "this is a one time courtesy to you." like she is doing me a favor when obviously someone in that store did not do their job correctly by selling a used item. From then on i learned to look throughly.
  9. I wish I was surprised but I'm not. It's common knowledge that LV will resell any returned items providing that they are in immaculate condition (basically unused) but if that bag was as you described then it shouldn't have been put back in the drawer to be eventually fobbed off on an unsuspecting customer. If you feel comfortable with the idea then you can always go back into the store or call and speak with the manager and address the subject...even if he/she doesn't do anything about it then at least your conscience is clear.
  10. How big was the defect? If the defect is very obvious then I'm actually quite surprised it was put back in the drawer to be resold.
  11. There are some customers that are ok with a defect that you are not. One man's meat is another man's poison. Just sayin'
  12. Unbelievable! I never inspect my bags. I just assumed they were all perfect. Inspecting them from now on.
  13. +1
  14. Thankfully, I have an SA that I trust and buy nearly all my LV from. She is attentive and puts up with my concerns about fakes and less than perfect items. Even when I am away, I will simply text her what I want and she gets it for me. It really helps to find one good SA that you can build a relationship of trust with.
  15. +1