I couldn't wait any longer to...

  1. give my mom the Gold Mirroir Lockit until her actual b-day. I wanted her to have it and use it right now. So I gave it to her tonight. She opened the box and was very surprised to see a shiny LV. She loved the bag and will be sporting it tomorrow :wlae: Happy early b-day!
  2. that is so nice of you! happy early birthday to your mom!
  3. Wow, that is so kind and generous! What a great son - and your mum will look wicked carrying that bag!
  4. Awww... you're such a nice son!

    She will look FAB carrying it tomorrow! :tup:
  5. How sweet!!!
  6. Fabulous gift, she must have been soo happy! You're a great son.

    And early Happy Birthday to your mommy!
  7. cool!!! she'll be a very glam b-day lady :tup:.
  8. How nice!! I know she'll love it!
  9. Wow, you're so sweet to give her such a beautiful gift. Now that's one hell of a b-day present!
  10. Happy Birthday to your mum! :flowers:
  11. That's so thoughtful of you....
  12. That is soo cool! Happy early bday to your mom!
  13. aww that's so sweet of you. your mom definitely had a great bday :smile:
  14. What a fab gift:heart: Birthday Greetings to your Mother.
  15. Lucky woman.......congrats!