I couldn't take the pressure!!!

  1. Please tell me I'm not the only insane person here :weird: .... hahaha

    You may remember a few months ago I bought this gorgeous optic sig duffle: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/i-just-didnt-want-to-pine-any-longer-197171-2.html

    Well I couldn't bring myself to carry her!!! I was a nervous wreck everywhere I went.... I didn't want to get a speck of anything on her! SO... I sold her yesterday :crybaby:

    I hope I don't live to regret it because she really is one of my favorite all time Coach bags.....but I just hated to hide her in my closet and I hated to carry her and get her filthy. I swear, I'm a head case, eh????? :jammin:
  2. What bag was this?
  3. Don't feel bad. I probably would have done the same thing. I HATE when I have to worry about getting my expensive things dirty. It takes all the joy out of wearing them!!
  4. You're not a headcase any more than the rest of us on here..perfectly normal I can assure you. No one probably understands your paranoia with getting it dirty but we do. I was going between the optic hobo in chocolate brown or khaki for my mom for Christmas and the SA told me that they have been treated BUT that the lighter colors do tend to get dirty. So...I chose the chocolate brown one as she said that this color does not show wear nearly as much. I think you made the right decision. If you are to afraid to carry her, it is money wasted IMO. Now you can take the money you've made and put it towards one of the new spring bags....which are gorgeous BTW. Or you could wait for the summer collection and see what new colors the optic will come in.
  5. I wanted this same bag and was estatic when I found one at a Coach outlet... estatic that is until I started thinking about how I was going to keep the bag looking pristine without getting any smudges or dirt marks on it. In the end, I decided against purchasing the bag. I was actually more worried about carrying this particular Coach bag compared to my white LV Multicolor Alma.
  6. Believe me, you are NOT the only one. I have had that happen many times.. either you are too stressed to enjoy it, or I feel like I spent too much, or once I get the bag home or ordered it just doesn't do it for me like I thought it would. It will be okay! :tup:
  7. I don't think you are crazy at all... why have it if you are never going to use it. Don't feel bag at all
  8. ooh pretty ! That is the pretties optic bag color I have ever seen ? For a reference point, I still have my Ali in the dustbag with all her accessories, suspended off the floor with the strings of the dustbag so no dirt will touch it and it won't get squashed !
  9. No you are far from crazy! You'll miss it for a while, but then once you find your next perfect bag, you'll forget about it!
  10. Oh Gosh! I thought I was the only nut case that did this. Thank god! Sometimes it turns out that it's just not meant to be...don't feel bad. Breathe......
  11. Come to think of it, I just returned a large parchment Carly for the same reason.:yes: It sat in my closet, with tags on, because I was afraid she'd get dirty . Then I heard about the color transfer from rubbing against denim. So being a little TOO "fluffy" about things as I am, I found my receipt (luckily) and back she went to JAX.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    Talk about crazy, after I dropped the box off at UPS, I wanted to go back and say I changed my mind, give me my box back! :true: Finally after 4pm that day, I knew she was probably on the truck and on her way back to JAX. So out of sight, out of mind!:angel:
  12. I think you made the right decision. I would have done the some thing...so psychos unite I guess!
  13. I love you guys.... I feel so much better now !!!!!!

  14. Oh I didn't see the part where you sold it, sorry i would have done the same thing. Optic is not my thing but that was pretty but i agree a disaster waiting to happen !
  15. I have a scarf print swingpack that I can't bring myself to wear for the same reason. But, I can't return it because I bought if off eBay. So it just sits in my Coach drawer with all the other accessories that I'm not using at the moment.