I couldnt resist!!

  1. I was offered Stephan and Adele by my SA and i just couldnt say no.. when i saw them, i was just in love :love:
    DSC00582.JPG DSC00583.JPG
  2. :hysteric: :hysteric: I want, I want!!!!!! Now!!!! DH are you listening????
  3. Pink, those are gorgeous:nuts: Wow, love them. Congrats!!!
  4. WOW!!!! Congrats... What would you wear them with?? Casual, dress... I like to hear what other people's fashion ideas are..
  5. wow..congrats!!
  6. ^^ Since they have the mono part, they will go with everything!! This is what i love about LV mono leather :smile:
  7. OMG!!!:nuts: You've got both?!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: CONGRATS!!!
  8. OMG, love the Adele.
  9. ^^ Thank you ladies!!

    LV_addict IAdele is perfect for everyday and Stephan for trips. Stephan is big for everyday IMO.
  10. Both? Wow. Congrats.
  11. Congrats! :yahoo:
  12. I'm fainting - I thought you had to choose! BOTH! OMG!
  13. how much are theyy?
  14. Congrat they are gorgeous...the strap can be removed as well??? Ohhh I do not know which one I like better they are both so devine. Is this a limited edition collection????