I couldn't resist ;) My new white LODGE PM!!!

  1. Since I got my black MC Alma I'm sooooo in love w/ the MC-line... So I really had to buy this :amuse: There was no other way *hehe*
    lodgePM1.jpg lodgePM2.jpg lodgePM3.jpg
  2. what a great bag!
  3. It's so cute. Congrats!
  4. This bag is really growing on me...congrats!
  5. Wear it in good health! :flowers:
  6. that's my favorite mc! I think it's really classy, congrats!
  7. so cute. congrats!
  8. Oooh, GORGEOUS!!
  9. lovely bag, congrats!
  10. Congrats!! So cute!!
  11. lovely and pratical bag!
  12. Ooo I love it! It's a toss up for me between this and the Aurelia of what to buy MC... lovely piece! Congrats!
  13. So pretty! I love the white MC. Enjoy your new bag!
  14. totally cute bag!!! congrats on your new LV piece!
  15. So pretty, love the colour combo
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