I couldn't resist - meet my new Paraty!

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    If you saw my previous thread, you know I've been trying for a while to decide whether or not I should get this bag. I decided - just couldn't resist - here's my new Paraty! I'm in love with it and think it's beautiful. Thanks to all of you for helping me make this decision, and thank you for letting me share! :smile:

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  2. Love the bag! Enjoy!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats! She is beautiful !:woohoo:
  5. She's a beauty! The black and gold look fabulous together.
  6. The purse is beautiful. Congratulations!
  7. Beautiful and classic! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Beautiful bag well done
  9. Congrats it looks great :smile:
  10. Enjoy your new purchase!:smile:
  11. the black and gold is just gorgeous!! wear it in good health!!
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    Thanks so much for all of the kind comments! I've been using this bag every day since the day I got it -- I'm finding that it's just perfect for me :smile:
  13. congrats
  14. Lovely!!
  15. i love your bag! I only have 1 Paraty, a beige, white, black Military style. I think Paratys are gorgeous! Enjoy it!