I couldn't resist! I called for more pics, come see!

  1. Something about the holidays just has me going nuts wanting more bags! So I asked my SA, Lisa, to send me some more pics!!! Hope you all enjoy!!!!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you have any questions!

    1. Evening Clutch in Navy and Fuschia $750.00

    2. Ice Cube Pouchette $1195.00

    3. Icon Black Pouchette $1150.00

    4. Satin Melrose Cabas in Coral and Black (Also comes in Navy Blue) (I erased the price, so I don't know what it is- sorry)
    DSC03021.JPG DSC03022.JPG DSC03023.JPG DSC03093.JPG DSC03094.JPG
  2. And finally, one sale bag:

    Naked Bag Orignally $895, Now $626
  3. The satin looks so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing...
  4. Jag, your really killing me with all your pics from Lisa.

  5. I know- I have been so bad. I have been really swamped at work and have not been able to really go shopping so Lisa is helping me by sending me all these pics. It's dangerous though because I want everything:push:
  6. thx for posting, that coral cabas really pops!
  7. the satin is 1575 or 1595...Cant remember..LOL...I love it in black
  8. Love the satin cabas!
  9. The Coral and Black Satin Melrose Cabas are beautiful!
  10. The satin Cabas is beautiful do they make the satin in a baby cabas size?
  11. The coral Melrose Cabas is so cute! Did NM order the navy blue as well? I think it looks cute because it's probably stuffed with lots of tissue paper inside, hee, but I wonder if it'll look kinda flat if only your usual things are in there...
  12. luv the cabas:smile:
  13. Thank you for the pics again Jag! I always look forward to your posts. :yes:
  14. those pics of the satin cabas has temped me even more... I wish I never read this thread!
  15. thanks for the post! love love the evening cluthes!