I couldn't resist, can somone stop me please!

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  1. I just went to theresa to have a look and I came back with this new cosmetic pouch in grenat which arrived today. I thought it was so cute that I had to have it.:yes: So it was an early birthday present which i gave to myself:smile:
    The leather is sooo georgous same as on my city!:love:
    I saw the rouge vif in a city and it was TDF but I already have 2 cities so no more for me.
    b-bag grenat 042.jpg b-bag grenat 046.jpg
  2. OMG that's SO cute!!!! I love it, congrats!!!!!

    BTW if you don't mind, could you take a pic of it with your city or first to see the difference in size?
  3. oohhh that is cute. now i want one and don't wear makeup. my girls would love that little purse. congrats. so cute
  4. That's really cute! Congrats, Tanja!!!
  5. The color is beautiful. Enjoy your new purchase!
  6. tanja, u already helped your self partially with buying the pouch instead of the city! :yahoo:
  7. Very cute!!! :heart:
  8. that is so cute!!! how much???? I want one...
  9. OMG!!! I LOVE it!!!!
  10. I just took coparison pics.
    It fits perfectly into a city but when you put it into a first it's full. I'll use my coin purse in my first.
    b-bag grenat 049.jpg b-bag grenat 051.jpg b-bag grenat 055.jpg b-bag grenat 052.jpg
  11. that's so pretty, congrats! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks, girls!
    I paid 255€ which is about I think.
    You're right seahorse it's cheaper than a purse lol!
  13. you did the right thing tanja, i think YOU should help me instead, i was going to pick up my balenciaga city, and ended going home with the city AND a lv cerises speedy! :crybaby:
  14. awwwwwwww!! it's so cute! congrats on your new purchase!
  15. I love it!! Great choice (love Grenat)! That's the first Balenciaga cosmetic pouch I've seen... so cute. Congratulations! :smile: