I couldn't resist! Anyone else have one?

  1. Hi ladies! Long time since I was on the Coach board, hope all is well! I was in Coach today picking up a tattersall oblong scarf for my mom for Christmas; she loves the tattersall pattern; she immediately stole my tattersall ponytail scarf as soon as I got it. I never really go in anymore, but I always did want an enamel bracelet; they're so lovely! And $78 is a lot better than several hundred for Hermes bracelets! So I picked one up. If they'd had punch/silver I'd have gotten it, but they didn't, so I went with black and silver, so it will match my business suits. I love it!

    Anyone else have one? There should be a "show me your Coach jewelry" thread if there's not already. Anyway, here are pics.



    PC220232.jpg PC220235.jpg PC220236.jpg
  2. Hey stranger. Very pretty! My favorite color bracelet behind the punch. :tup:
  3. ^^Hey girl! I know it, I LOVE the punch. Sigh. I'll get it one day, too. This is a Christmas present to myself :lol:
  4. So pretty. Love the detail!
  5. Hello stranger!

    I like some of the Coach jewelry. I have the nailhead bracelet in silver/white. I love it!
  6. I have that bangle except it's in silver/silver. I love it!
  7. ^^I thought about the silver/silver! I just wanted the C's to stand out more.
  8. Very nice! You made a great choice!
  9. It'll look really great with business-type attire. Very classy!
  10. I'd love to have it but it falls right off my arm. :crybaby:
  11. I can just barely fit it over my hand! I wish they made PM and GM sizes like Hermes!
  12. so cute the punch and the leopard ones are my favorite
  13. I have three sig bangles (silver, mahoghany, punch/silver) and I am getting at least two more for Christmas (Tattersall and legacy).

    I think someone started a jewelry thread, but it didn't become a sticky.
  14. I don't have any yet, but this thread is making me want some!:drool:
  15. very cute!! i have the 1 inch in silver/silver, its gorgeous!!!