I couldn't resist a sale...

  1. Just delivered today, Christian Louboutin Raffia Slingback from NM!
    100_0403.jpg 100_0404.jpg
  2. Cute! Are they comfy? I almost got them during Last Call and ended up getting a diff. pair.
  3. Cute shoes! What kind of deal did you get?
  4. I love sales too! Great pair!
  5. I got them for $452.
  6. I haven't worn them for a day yet, but I am hoping they are comfortable.
  7. OOO la lala .... congrats they are so pretty:yahoo:
  8. love them!!!
  9. I heart raffia! Those look GREAT!
  10. I just ordered those yesterday from NM. :smile:

    I'm not normally a fan of peep toes, but there is something about these that are *so* pretty!
  11. They are beautiful. I wore them yesterday and I have no complaints. They were much more comfortable than my Iowa Zeppas.
  12. cute!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. cute...do u think it's easy to match? i'm still debating if i should get those...also, are the TTS? thx
  15. I'm still waiting for NM to process my order!! How long does it take?