I couldn't help myself...

Oct 8, 2008
Someone please hide my credit cards from me. My husband is gonna kick my butt. :nuts:

I just ordered the French Nanny bag in pomegranate. I heavily debated between the Boogie or FN and decided to go with FN because I am plus sized and I like to wear thick wool coats in the winter. I was worried that the strap drop on Boogie wouldn't be sufficient. I am sooo excited. The bag looks gorgeous. *happy dance*


~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
OMG it will be gorgeous and I think you made the right decision as far as the drop length is concerned with plus sized + wool coats... that's me too and I know a boogie wouldn't work for me in that respect!

Congrats, it's going to be hot hot hot!