I couldn't help myself...

  1. I can't even believe I ventured out in this heat - it is GROSS outside.

    Anyway.. I just got back from a little excursion and bought a gray caviar east/west bag - it is so cute. Thanks to those who recommended Brendan at Chanel 57th... he is a doll!! I still have to post pictures of my metallic luxe tote and now this one. I am so :yahoo: right now. I also stopped at Saks and picked up cute Dior ballerinas (not that you ladies care - Chanel board and all - haha).

    I am honestly done - until spring (w/ 2 exceptions - I am waiting on the blue india bbag and if I see a dark brown Cerf that I fall in love with - I'll have to get it)
  2. Come on,.,dont torture us. We want to see the pics of these two new chanel bags!:yahoo:
  3. Oh please post pictures of your new bags, I'm dying to see both.
  4. Pictures, quickly please.
  5. Oooh, I want to see EVERYTHING, including the flats!!!
  6. Definately a great shopping trip! Can't wait to see pics
  7. the grey east/west sounds gorgeous!!! congrats on your buys today, like everyone else, i cant wait to see pics!
  8. Where are the pics?? I'm excited:yes:
  9. Wow. Can't wait to see pics of your new bags. The e/w gray caviar sounds so cute & I've not yet seen a metallic lux tote! Congratulations!
  10. Both sound great! I'm excited to see pics of the metallic black luxe!
  11. Pics?
  12. can't wait to see pix too. Congrats on both bags
  13. Congrats, want to see pics.....
  14. cant wait for picts!! and congrats!
  15. I saw the grey east/west caviar in Waikiki. It's a really nice color. Congrats:yes: