I couldn't Help Myself :)

  1. Ok so I know yesterday that I got my bday gift which I ADORE:love: btw. But I got a call and I couldnt help but fall in love with this bag, its sooo cute and trendy. Really its gorgeous IRL, its "The Drill" in dark silver, its the smaller size. I am also waitlisted for the large green one, I wasnt going to get the silver bc i have a drk silver 2.55, but i couldnt resist this. It is sooo cute really i dont think i captured its perfection:tender:

  2. congrats! i have been eyeing this bag in black myself.
    i love how the hardware is two-toned, love the chain. ...very edgy!
    it is fabulous! enjoy!
  3. i want to get the dark silver one myself, the drill is absolutely gorgeous, love the treatment of the leather, i think it's a great great bag.
  4. Gorgeous bag!! :tup: May I ask how much it is?
  5. Very cute!! Looks very comfy also. Congrats!!:yes:
  6. Thank you blushingbaby, i agree the two toned hardware is sooo cute, and i love the chain, i saw the metallic black which i thought was gorg as well. Thank you takeoutbox, you should totally get it really its sooo perfect, its really hot bag. Thank you tiramasu95...i got it for $2575 and it was the smaller one

    Thanks Danicky
  7. omg it's gorgeous!
  8. Gorgeous bag, I don't think a picture can do it justice. You can't feel the soft leather :nuts: it almost felt silky *swoon*

    :girlsigh: I want this bag so badly but apparently I married the Driller Killer,
    DH said he won't pay for a bag with holes in it.
    This is the first bag that has made me consider selling some of my LV for.
  9. Thank you kimalee and taco, really i cant do it justice this bag is really special, I am still getting the green one i dont care what people say, lol (meaning my family). I would sell stuff for it too! And I have never used eBay, LOL!! BTW I love your av, your puppy is sooo cute. LOL@ your hubby's not wanting to buy it bc of the holes
  10. Very hot! Z
  11. :balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon: the Drill is realy cute, gald you can snatch it up :yes: if you are looking for the green long tote, there's one in San Antonio's NM, Jere can help you get it.
  12. Thank you, I love my little furbaby[I bet he would buy me the Drill..... if he had a credit card]
    The green must be TDF, I haven't seen it yet :sad: I'll have to live vicariously through you, can't wait to see pictures when you get it.
  13. Thanks Classic Chic, i actually dont want the long one, i want the exact one i have but just larger.

    Ohhh Taco the greeen is soooo TDF I really love it. I cant wait to get my hands on one, lol. I bet your furbaby would definetly buy you one if he had a credit card he would probably buy you a thousand, hehe, furkids are the best, i swear if they could they would buy us the world:love:
  14. That's so classy! I was looking at the black one and drooling over it! It's tdf. Congrats! I can't wait to see your green one!
  15. Nice bag!! Pretty reasonable for $2,575. Congrats!!