I couldn't help myself....

  1. So, next week a really (really!) vintage lovely lady is coming home. :yes:
    I'll tell you guys, there was no way on this planet that I could pass on that toile/Black Box Kelly LZ posted. I was a goner the moment I laid eyes on her! :heart: I swear it was love at first site....Truth is, she's no spring chicken and she's been around the block some but she's still a grand dame with plenty of zip left in her. :amuse: And she's awfully pretty, I think. :biggrin:

  2. Ohhh, Shopmom - congrats!!!!!! I loved that bag, too - I'm glad she's gone to a good home. I know it's not polite to ask a ladies age, but when does she date from? Those "combination" Kelly's are just superb - what a lovely choice!!!!!:yes:
  3. Thanks, Kristie. I've always had a soft spot for the vintage pieces...according to Pete, she's about 40 years old...not an every day bag that's for sure but I'll still take her out and about!
  4. Aaaaaw, I love when vintage bags go to good homes. Getting out of this black addiction is tough, isn't it?
  5. :roflmfao: Aint that the truth, Hermesgroupie. When I take my "family" foto it'll be one big black blur! :blink: :blink:
  6. 40? She hasn't even reached her best years yet!!!!!:biggrin: Looks good for 40 - I love the vintage H bags............:love:
  7. ^LOL! :lol:
    Congrats, shopmom!!! :flowers:
  8. Tell me about it. My SA's given up on showing me anything with color. When I asked to look at a yellow bag, he nearly had a heart attack. Anyway, back to your bag. Picked a name for her yet? Mrz. Kelly? Gramma Kelly? How about Kelly, Sr.?
  9. LOL! Hermesgroupie......Actually for some reason when I first saw her I thought immediately of Lucille Ball....don't ask me why. Gramma Kelly sounds too stodgy....this gal's got some spunk going on!
  10. I'll bet the name will come to you once she's in your hands.
  11. shopmom So happy for you! :yahoo: Congrats! Please post pics as soon as she arrives!
  12. She'll probably touch down just about the same time as Black Box Bolide! Jeez....it'll be raining Hermes at my house next week! :shocked:

    I only hope DH isn't home when the UPS man shows up........:blink:
  13. CONGRATS D.!!!You know my feelings about vintage..!?!?!;) You couldn't have let that one go....:love:
  14. That is one beautiful 40 something yr. old bag (hey! We could be talking about me here lol!) -- I would never have guessed - but she's really seasonal so IMO she'll last way beyond her years:P I laugh at the UPS comment -- Mr. Fed Ex delivered my beauty 2 days ago and he said "you're really keeping me busy" -- I said - "yes, just don't tell my husband:cool: "....yikes!

    Enjoy and can't wait for pics!
  15. congrats shopmom!!!!!!!!
    you are just too elegant for words!!! how much fun!!!
    i msut see too!!!! im sooooooooooo h appy for you!