I couldn't help myself!

  1. Okay...so you stop at Dillards to pick up some skincare items and you notice that the chocolate signature flap bag that is on you wish list is 25% off....you buy it, right....I did! :biggrin:


    So now....how do I hide all my purchases from my husband...or will he even notice? :p
  2. That was a rhetorical question, no? OF COURSE you buy the wishlist bag at a discount. Dh probably won't even notice . . . or there's always the "Oh, THIS? I've had this in my closet for months." approach! LOL!

    Congrats on the great bag!
  3. A discount is always just cause for a purchase(especially if its something that you've been wanting). :yes:
  4. Cute buy!! Don't worry, we'll keep your secret:ninja:
  5. Cute! I bought the same one at an outlet in Florida a couple months ago. It was 25% off the outlet price, a real steal!
  6. Cute bag! I'm dying to add a flap to my collection lol
  7. Very cute--I would have bought it too
  8. Very cute. Love the color.
  9. Of course you buy it, LOL!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  10. So cute!
  11. super cute !
  12. congrats!
  13. yea, it happens. get abck on the wagon and you will be ok
  14. Cute! And who doesn't love the chocolate color? lol.