I couldn't help myself...so I went and got the DS tote!

  1. OK...ok...I know many of you read my last post about me seeing the Diamond Stitch tote the other day on my way out the door of the Chanel store...and well, I have been lusting after it ever since!!
    So...I called me SA to inquire about it...when it was released, if it will be back for spring, etc...and she said it was the last one at the store and the last one at Nordstrom's across the board! Apparently, they'd had that particular one since last fall and it ended up in the back room (to make room for new styles) and they just re-discovered it on a shelf in back last week, so they decided to put it back out on the sales floor! THE LAST ONE!! Well, to me, that was a sign...I had to snap it up!
    I have used it once over the weekend...to meet a friend for lunch. I must say, I am NOT disappointed! Its an awesome, roomy everyday bag that has some pizzazz to it with the gorgeous CC's in silver proudly displayed on the front. I love the zip top and large capacity. And its silver, which is drool-worthy!
    OMG, what a wonderful Chahel week...Jumbo flap AND DS tote! /swoon :shame::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. Pictures....Please....
  3. You are sooo lucky! You already know we have to see pics right! lol
  4. Love the DS tote, I totally understand you had to snap it up! Congratulations!
  5. Congrats!
    Diamond Stitch tote - pics!!
  6. Watch out....you have the chanel bug....Pics....pics.....
  7. Congratulations, and I agree...pictures!!! Please?
  8. omg, you are on a roll! pics pics PICS!!!!!!!!! I want to seeeeeeeee! lol, congrats!
    U have CHANEL FEVER TOO!!!
  10. Congrats ... sounds like it WAS meant to be! :smile: I'd love to see pics too.
  11. LOL, that was quick!!! Congratulations and can't wait to see the pictures:woohoo:
  12. Haha!! :lol:You couldn't take it, could you?? :graucho: Hmm, that sounds familiar...:angel: LOL!!!!!!!!

    Congrats n' Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    p.s. Hey, now you have 1 in gold hw, and 1 in silver!! YAY!! ;)
  13. Congrats! Please post some pics for us.
  14. wow... knew you couldn't get that DS tote out of your mind! -congrats on a busy Chanel weekend!
  15. LOL thanks ladies for all the tells! Yes, I might have caught a bit of the chanel bug...hope there's a cure, or else I will go broke, haha.
    I will post pics tomorrow...BF has been hogging my computer all day with his stupid computer games!!