I couldn't help myself....I purchased another Anna Corinna Mini City tote!

  1. I've had the AC mini city tote in slate for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I get a lot of compliments from people, especially about the color. So, the evening, I saw it listed on eBay in basic black with an AWESOME BIN price and just went for it. I can't wait to get it! I really, really love the mini city totes - so soft and light! I really should stop after this though...it might become into Longchamp-like obsession with me needing to get multiple colors!
  2. i been eyeing them! they look so cute. can you wear it over your shoulder or is it too tight?
  3. any pics?
  4. I've been contemplating buying another one in Rust. I already have a Plum.

    Not to hijack the thread, buy I'll post some pics since ekx012 asked. The bag can be worn over the shoulder with the longer strap, but not with the handle part.
  5. Has anyone tried the Jet Set Junior? What do you ladies think of it? I think it's the next generation of the city tote -- you can fold it over and carry it by the vertical strap on the front...

  6. ^ I've seen pictures of the tote and it looks really nice! Some of the new bags looks really nice.

    I can wear the tote on my shoulders without a jacket. Otherwise, I tote or use the strap to wear it on my shoulder.

    I know people have had quality complaints about it, and I did initially as well. The slate mini city tote that I ordered originally had some sort of defect. I sent it back and the one I got is fine. However, I know that they are meant to be more distressed looking, to give it a vintagey vibe. My tote has gotten softer and smoother with more use. It's a great, functional bag.
  7. Congrats SuLi. Looking forward to your pictures. =)
  8. Congrats--so happy that you love the bag so much! Isn't it nice when we find a bag that works so well for us? :=)
  9. I'm so glad you like it. I got the AC lady duffel in black and love it- it's my main everyday bag (well, until I got a new MJ last week)
  10. WOW - this is an amazing bag!!

    it inspired my first post here :smile:

    i'm thinking of either black or the tobacco colour...any opinions on which?

    now to find the best price :biggrin:
  11. any recommendations where to buy this online? google brings up a lot, but i'd rather go on recommendation.

    also, i just moved to the US - which stores carry anna corinna?

  12. If you go to shopintuition.com and use the coupon code luckymag you can get 25% off of them.
  13. Congrats SuLi! This looks like an amazing bag! Can't wait to see your pics!
  14. Thanks! and congrats SuLi!
  15. That is a really cute bag! Congrats!