I couldn't help it.....


What do you think about this situation?

  1. Gung, ya did good! Thats a must have, gorgeous piece

  2. Gung, shame on you! That's too many RM bags!

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  1. I succumbed:nogood:

  2. I love the colour combination on this bag.
  3. from Shopbop?

    it is cute, but i think matinee is too big on me, still trying to look for a MAM(i dont have one yet :push:smile:, any recommendation?
  4. ^Bite your tongue, lady! The Matinee is the best sized bag ever! Try it on and you will love it!:yes:
  5. My oh my, GUNG! You're building quite the RM empire, aren't you? :p
  6. :shocked:

    GUNG...for the record...there's no such thing as too many RM bags.
  7. That leather looks beautiful...although I'm not convinced of the contrasting flaps.....

    Shame on you Woman!!!!! ;)

    Can't leave you alone for a second.......:nogood:
  8. Awww, Mockinglee, 'Tessa! You are supposed to tell me you love my new baby!
  9. I LOVE it!!! I am way jealous of you and your purses!
  10. You know I love it. The funkier, the better! The :shocked: is because I'm trying to picture your collection in a few weeks when all your new lovelies get in! You remember that tPFer's collection that made you fall off your chair? Me....floor...
  11. I love it!! I was contemplating it too...but since I've bought three bags in the past month, I talked myself off the ledge:sweatdrop:

    :flowers:Congrats on your new bag!:flowers:
  12. Wow!! Thats gorgeous GUNG! I hope you put her to good use with the millions of other RMs that you have haha!! I'm not really sold on the combination of colors tho...
  13. Silly girl! If you love them and can afford them, there is no such thing as too many bags! :p

    However, I would vote "no" on this one just because the color of the flaps is not working for me in combination with the leather.

    Still, if you love it and will rock it then that is all that matters! Congrats!
  14. Gung! You are going to love that bag! Once you get it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. I am so excited for another TPFer to own this color. I can't wait until you get her! Oh, and for the record, the suede on the flaps is darker in real life. More brick-burgundy. The color combination is so pretty IRL.
  15. Of course you couldn't help it, silly GUNG! It's beautiful! Who could resist?! Can't wait to see pics, sweetheart!