I couldn't help it - mousse paddy

  1. Is a person allowed to have two Chloe bags - because I have ordered a mousse paddy! And I don't care! If I want two, I'll have two! So there! (Cough) What I mean to say is it makes sense to have two different looks - Edith with attitide, and ethereal pretty mousse paddy. Either that or I am starting to develop a Chloe addiction ...
  2. Dear... if you want two OF COURSE you can have two!!! Congrats on your mousse paddy purchase! I'm waiting for my paddy to come as well (YAY~~~ :smile: ) What color is your edith?
  3. uhmm...yes.

    pics when u get her please.
  4. For me, if you love it, never too many...:nuts: Mousse is a lovely color!:nuts:
  5. So far everyone's mousse pics are TDF, like nawths! This is fun!
  6. nah its not a problem. I have 2 paddys, mousse and metallic anthracite. Theyre great. And the mousse is TDF
  7. nawth - again on the same plain....
  8. Of course you're allowed two - or more if you like! You're even allowed to post pictures when you get it! We wanna see! Beautiful color!
  9. I love that mousse color (& doesn't it have the silve hardware... which is gorgeous with it)!! If I didn't love the colors that I already have, that one would have been my next choice!! You can never have enough Chloe bags. Congratulations.
  10. Love the combo...
  11. Jeannie, my Edith is Whiskey, like Chucky, and quite scrumply and lovable.

    The mousse is silver hardware, so pretty and lovely in the pictures!

    It's lucky my DH just thinks they're handbags - he has no idea, bless!
  12. panteleimon, actually I think rules state you cannot be on this board unless you have TWO! :biggrin:
  13. Why of course:smile: They're very different styles so you'll get good use out of both for different occasions. Congrats on your new purchase. Can't wait for you pics.
  14. Hey, at least your two will be different styles! A lot of people have several colors of the same bag! I LOVE:love: the mousse...and am still thinking of getting the pocket in mousse from LVR. I miss my mousse!
  15. Not only do you have two great but totally different styles, you also have two of the BEST colors which are from different color pallettes so you can match them with essentially everything! If you ever needed justification for having two chloes I think you've got them right here! :smile: