I couldn't help it but.. got Tees and a Foresta Trenino!

  1. oh boy.. i wasn't suppose to buy anything on my visit to see my sister and her family... I ended up buying some Tees at Metropark and then a Trenino from Loehmann's. I need to go on a ban now....:push:

    I luv my Trenino, even tho it wasn't the placement I really wanted. But I won't complain since I was able to get an extra 10% off! :yes:

    I'll still be on the hunt for that perfect one!! =)

    I need to get rid of some other bags now.. lol
  2. lol u bought all 4 new tees at metro! i held out on rocketeer n the inferno chick since i want those tees in a different color..self control!
  3. Ahhhh more FORESTA TRENINOS!! They're just popping up everywhere all of a sudden!! :wtf: Really lovely Leen!! Another foresta to your beautiful collection!! :biggrin:

    I really wish there were more store that sold toki bags here.. :sad:

    And those tees are so cuute!! I only have the Adios Rocketeer one out of the 4.. had to hold myself back.
  4. When a girl got her eyes set on something, nothing can stop her! Love the tees and the trenino. Good buy! :smile:
  5. The only reason why i got the Tees were cause it was right there in front of my face!!! I couldn't pass up the fact I didn't pay for shipping... and the guy i made friends with (his name is Nik) was super nice and gave me 15% off (or was it 10%) but he said it was like $5 off of each Tee. So I HAD to buy em. lol If you go there, ask for Nick! (He's at the Metropark in Oakridge Mall)
  6. aww nice finds, I wish the t shirts were larger!
  7. oohh...Im so jealous of ur Tees! :p
  8. leen619 - what great buys! ... where did you get your trenino from?
  9. :lol: I knew you would buy a trenino :graucho: congrats!!!!!! i love your shirts !! too
  10. My mom just got me the candy cane girl tee too. It's so cute. She also got the rocketeer tee for my sister. I am thinking of getting the rocketeer for myself. It looks great on, more slimming than the candy cane girl one.
  11. Love your trenino! I got the candy cane and gatto spinoso one too. Thanks Bubblesung! They came in today and fit perfectly!
  12. congrats! I have yet to wear my rocketeer tee... but it's so cuuuute :smile: how do you like the candy-cane girl... was her face yellowish or creamish on your shirt... that's the only reason I didn't get her because at the store her face looked kind of yellowish/greenish because of the blue shirt but I'm wondering if it was the light
  13. Love the shirts and the trenino! Very very nice!
  14. awesome purchases :biggrin:!!!

  15. Her face is yellowish. But it actually looks ok. I didn't think it was so bad. Definitely fits in some way.