I couldnt do it

  1. Some of you may know from reading other threads that I am in the process of looking for a new car

    As a result my bag purchases have to be put on hold. I am even considering selling some stuff too.

    Anyway I saw a thread in the handbag forum on a quilted Ann Taylor bag. I'd previously seen this bag in the store but didnt think twice about it because I wanted to save up for a Chanel tote (grande shopping or mademoiselle)

    Well after seeing the thread and looking at a pic of the bag I decided that it would be a good alternative since my new car purchase would keep me from buying a Chanel for a while.

    I went to Ann Taylor tonight to take another look.

    I COULD NOT DO IT :Push:

    It is a nice bag. Not a fake or knock-off, but a nice "inspired bag"

    But I'm too spoiled. I could not bring myself to buy it. It only costs $168. But I still could not do it.
    I will just have to wait for my Chanel tote.....however long that may be :lol:

    I wanted to share this story because I didnt realize how the forum had changed me by exposing me to certain designers. It has really changed my taste.
    I love Ann Taylor but today after looking at the bag--it just did not appeal to me. Not that I would not buy an Ann Taylor bag---I own several of their clutches. But buying an "inspired" bag did not appreal to me.

    As I looked at it, I kept comparing it to the actual Chanel.

    Oh well. here's a pic of it. Its available online for anyone who may be interested.

    Its great bag, just not for me. :P

  2. Awww hehehe
    I totally understand, I hate inspired or replica bags :P
  3. Iluvbags, you made good decision. Don't buy it. You won't ever regret.
  4. Your Chanel will mean so much more to you, once you've saved up enough for it. :heart: You made the right choice, Iluvbags! Replica bags make me cringe.
  5. C-
    You have too many nice bags to carry around till you can afford another one, don't settle for anything else.
    By the way...What kind of car are you saving up for??
  6. I recently saw that on their Web site, and thought, no, I couldn't buy that. I'd get the real deal instead. I totally know where you're coming from.
  7. I saw that bag in Ann Taylor last week .... my first reaction was WOW...that is a GREAT alternative for a younger person who can not swing the designer bag!! Or anyone that just can not bring themselves to spend such high dollar on a highend bag. It was nice looking and did not look like a big FAKE...just hold sister...you will get the one you are dying for! Chanel is not going anywhere!
  8. I'm a terrible snob when it comes to handbags . Lately .

    I would've done the same thing .
  9. I couldn't have done it either. If I have to buy myself a new car next year (and I know I will) I'll just be sure to have the well-rounded Chanel collection before that time. And hope they really screw up their fall 07 season! :biggrin:

  10. ^^I'm upgrading my Lexus RX to the 2007 model. I have a 2003. :supacool: :smile:
  11. Are you getting the h model??

  12. ^^Nah. I ddint see the point of paying that much for a Hybrid. I'm getting the regualar RX350.
    Hopefully next week. The one i want has 6 miles on it and I'm kinda annoyed. Its the only one left and I don't want to wait for them to order one.

    Am I too picky? My boyfriend says I'm ridiculous. What's the average acceptable miles on a new car? Anyone know?

    my 2003 was a demo when I bought it so it has a few hundred miles on it. All my other cars I bought used. This is my first new one.

    Should I wait for one w/ 0 miles or is that silly? Don't laugh :upsidedown:
  13. Okay...FREAK!!!! (I can call you that) LOL 6 miles??? come on...that so okay!!!
    What color are you getting?

    Im thinking of selling my 400h...I have LOVED it...I just want a Mercedes now...
  14. Ok. :shame: Now I feel silly.

    I am looking at the Breakwater blue color. Its a very light blue. I like it b-cuz its different and you don't see it on the road as often as the other colors. (atleast where I live)

    I have a white one now and thought about getting another white---but decided to change it up a bit.

    BTW-Its good to have you back here on the forum regularly Sunshine. Missed ya ;)
  15. With my saracstic ass??? lol...

    Dont feel silly...the blue is a lovely color!!! Enjoy it!! I love all the lovely little buttons in the new ones!!!