I couldn't believe my eyes today.

  1. Ok, so I have been listening to our local radio station and they have been advertising a new boutique opening today. In the advertisement it said "designer like" so I just had to go and check it out and what did I find? fake fake fake everywhere. There were fake coach, louis vuitton, etc. How are they able to sell these, aren't they considered counterfeit? Or can they do this because in each section they would have a sign for each fake brand that said 'inspired by coach', etc. and are not advertising 100% authentic?
  2. This kind of stuff makes me so angry!!

    My next door neighbor has these "purse parties" and she always invites me because she notices the nice bags I carry. I always say "I have plans" or "I'll be traveling for work" and find a way not to be home.

    I need to just tell her that if I can't afford to buy the real thing, I don't buy it.

    I saw 2 Chanel bags at the mall today and could tell they were fake. My pride would never, ever allow me to carry a fake bag. Tacky!
  3. I would think that if they have ANY marking of the real bag that is trademark counterfeit... Even if it says "inspired by" if it has the logo it's illegal. I'd report them to the state police. You wouldn't think but they have a whole section devoted to trademark counterfiet. I'd report it. I know my state has laws againt it.
  4. that is so frustrating
  5. Ugh that's terrible! These kinds of things make me soo angry!
  6. Yesterday I saw one of my co-workers down the hall at work...she was about 50 feet away and was carrying the Holiday patchwork from a couple of years ago. When I got closer I was about to complement her, when I noticed the plain signature back...and then when I got close enough to talk to her it was OBVIOUSLY a fake...how embarassing for her...I just said "Good Afternoon" and went on down the hall.
  7. Two Farmers market type places near me got raided over the weekend. They sold blatant fakes but were in business for 2-3 years before getting busted. Not sure what took so long but they are gone now..:yahoo:

    I have to bite my lip for fear of bursting out in laughter when I pass someone with a fake. Most of them are so obviously fake it's an embarrassment. The worst is when they see mine, compliment me & ask where I bought it... When I respond "Coach" they usually retreat pretty quickly!
  8. wow! that's so weird/ that sux
  9. We've got a store kind of like that here. LOTS of "inspired" handbags, but no really blatant fakes...more the Goach and Fouis Vuitton type of stuff. No idea what kind of line that crosses, if any, but I just won't shop there. They mostly sell to high schoolers looking to make their allowances stretch as far as possible, and that does have its place, but I want quality.

  10. That's happened to me too!!
  11. Do they fake the coach branding and everything? I think counterfeiting is something you can report to the police... especially if the merchandise attempts to lead the buyer to believe that it is authentic (It doesnt matter if the sign says "inspired by" if the bag has a tag that claims "COACH" but isn't. KWIM?
  12. I saw a really cute purse at a Farmers Market booth on Mothers' Day... and it turned out to be a fake Gucci or something. There was a cute no-name purse that I wanted, like a handmade cotton tote, but after I saw the fake I just couldn't buy anything from them - shopping there is supporting fakes! Blah. Never saw any Coach ripoffs in that booth, but still... it's the principle of the thing.

  13. You can also report it to Coach. They may be "inspired" but I'm sure Coach would like to know about it!

    Coach Counterfeit Reporting
  14. Yep branding & everything... they had Coach, LV, Kate Spade, Prada, Gucci... I had a co-worker buy a Patchwork tote there last year & she swore it was real but had 'fallen off the back of a truck'. I looked it over pretty carefully... it was a fairly good replica but I could tell the quality just wasn't there.
  15. I spent only a couple of minutes in the boutique as I was in a hurry so I didn't look for hangtags or look inside to see the creed. Some of them had the G look to the C's and there was a patchwork tote.