I couldn't believe my ears...about favoring sons over daughters...

  1. I am not going to name an ethnic group here, but from this story I am sure you can fill in the blanks...Anyway, I work in the insurance industry and this guy has a XXX,000 policy on his son (6 x's more than his sis's pol), and on his daughter a XX,000 policy - the son and daugther are a couple of years a part from each other...Well, the father doesn't see why he should have a policy on his daughter. :confused1: Arh, I couldn't believe my ears...so he plans on cancelling the policy for his daughter and is going to keep the one on his son...wow, I really taken back by that whole experience.

    Guess different cultures value son's over daughter's ~ I have heard about this but never really thought about it until this whole experience...wow!! I am still speechless!!!!
  2. I can tell you when we were growing up my sis and I were snooping in our parent's room and discovered not only insurance for my brother, the only boy, but a healthy savings account as well. When we asked my dad, he replied that my brother was worth more because he would carry on the family name.

    And we are Irish.
  3. WHATTT!?! well, society still has some wrinkles it needs to iron out, i guess.

    racism and discrimination is very much alive today. oh well, the world can't be perfect.
  4. how discriminatory! and i thought the world was better than this.
  5. wow. i think that's horrible. im chinese and my parents never favored boys over girls (even though they only had girls :yes: ) that makes me very sad. BUT i rather have daughters than sons haha!
  6. i think my parents would do that exact same thing your client did toogood...

    sadly :sad:
  7. Did I read that right? Are they taking out insurance policies on children? I'm a dummy.. let me know.
  8. How sad!!
  9. EEK..Thats sad!
  10. yeah.. happens a lot in a lot of cultures. everyone can't grow up american, no matter how long they've been in america, or whatever. everyone grows up differently. in my family, we're not only valued more, but obligated to do everything. even if the oldest son is 4 years old, and the other sisters are into their 20s/30s/40s. i can't say the same for the amount of respect that gets thrown around though. my dad's the oldest brother in the family and all his younger sisters/brothers dont respect him worth sh!t.
  11. Like it or not, this is the how most of the world is, no reason, just is. Even in the States, there is "glass ceiling".

    If you think favoring is bad, think about abandoning: 95% of the Chinese orphans are girls, and only 5% are boys with disablities. If you think abandoning is bad: I grew up hearing horror stories of how female infants are drowned right after birth just because of their gender.
  12. im shocked qnd not at the same time.. i didnt realise ppl took insurances out on thier kids.. how bizzare..

    as for boys being favored.. i see it all the time... even in India its a burden to have a child, it was in the new recently that 5million girls were killed at birth in 06 alone.. just because the families couldnt handle the expesnidutre that comes with girls...

    its so sad..
  13. I was told my grandfather left an inheritance and only the boys in the family get more, like more than double, so sons and grandsons get a bigger chunk and the daughters and granddaughters get only a token.
    So I guess its apparent not only in asian culture but others too. And I thought we're a modern society....
  14. keep in mind there isn't a female US president yet. :push:
  15. i grew up in a rather traditional Asian culture, and while boys were often favored, it was never to that extent... quite frankly, i'm appalled any parent would feel that way.

    my father has always said that when he dies everything he owns will be split evenly between my siblings and i. i have an older brother, and while growing up, he was allowed to do whatever he wanted, while my parents were more strict on the girls. however, they always made sure we knew each of us were loved equally.