I couldn't be MORE upset...

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  1. Hello All--

    I recently got this new COACH Bleeker from the Japan/COACH site to replace my Large Bleeker Flap/Wine that was too heavy:

    Been wanting to post pictures to show you all. I wore it for one day (not even 24 hours). I went to the movies with my DH and some dear friends and popcorn grease got on the bag.

    I've tried so many things that i read on different websites about taking grease out of leather and nothing has worked. It's still there and i don't think it's going anywhere.

    I don't think there's any other options left, but here i am asking if you may have any suggestions. :crybaby:
  2. I don't have any advise for you but I'm so sorry this happened to your brand new bag! :crybaby:
    I sure some of the very knowledgeable members will chime in with some advise for you!
  3. I am so sorry about your bag!! I can really empathize with you, as I once had a brand new bag get damaged the first time I wore it and I was really upset. Unfortunately, I don't know of anything that will take grease out of leather. I do think that it will get better in time, though. I think that with use, the natural oils from your hands will start absorbing into the leather and it will even out.

    Sorry this happened to you! :sad:
  4. I'm sorry this happened to your bag. I agree with mokoni, I think it should diminish over time as you use it. It sucks to be so careful with a bag but then something still happen to it.
  5. That really stinks, I'm so sorry.
  6. That's terrible, I am so sorry. If it helps any, once on one of my canvas coach bags, I got barbeque sauce on it, I was so upset, I thought it would never come out, then about 4-5 days later, I couldn't even find the stain, it was gone. Coach treats their bags to repel stains and water, so I *think* this also applies to the leather bag. Perhaps call Coach and verify that the leather bags are also treated, and if they do confirm that, let them know what happened, and maybe if they stain doesn't go away, they could make some type of arrangment. Good luck!
  7. try using the moisturizer to see if you can work most of the oil out, or at least blend it.
  8. so sorry that happened to your new bag...:sad: I would still love to see pics of your bag. Does it have a long strap?
  9. I was going to suggest the coach leather cleaner & moisturizer too.
  10. Did you try the coach leather cleaner or moisturizer?
    Sorry this happened to you, hopefully in time it will get less noticeable.
  11. Try cornstarch or powder to suck up the oil! What have you tried?
  12. Well Ladies, I have tried everything, even going to my COACH boutique to ask for advice and none of it was good news. I have managed to lighten the stain just a bit, but it's still noticeable.

    COACH said that in time it may blend in when the leather ages a bit.

    There is a little surprise though, so please look for my other thread. Entitled a Happy Ending?!? Thank you for empathizing!
  13. I'm soorry this happened to you. And I have to say that I really LOVE that bag. It's super cute. I hope the grease wears off so you can still use this bag. It's very pretty!
  14. Try the cornstarch like katrynar suggested, it absorbs the oil. And, just an FYI I have removed black tar from kid clothes with mayonnaise. There are tips "out there" that work! Good luck!

  15. Have you tried saddle soap? I use it on my Frye boots that I trash all winter in the salt and snow and it works quite well to remove oil and salt stains. This looks like a leather that would be amenable to saddle soap. Just realize that saddle soap will darken the leather initially (when it's wet) and then it will dry back to its original color.