I could use some serious prayer about right now.

  1. So I thought I was having some sort of hormonal problems for the past six months or so. Im so neaseaus all of the time and every other month or so I get really sick with vomiting:yucky: and can hardly get out of bed. Well, I finally got my butt into my docter and found out besides serious depression and anxiety (was given GREAT meds) I have a cyst on my left ovary, a gaul stone and the scarriest part of it all is I have an unknown spot on my liver:wtf: That was all found by ultrasound last week and now tomorrow I am getting a CT scan done to find out what the heck is going on with my liver. I dont even drink alcohol at all! Im sort of paranoid at this point considering I have lost nearly every one in my family to cancer including my mom to pancriotic cancer. OH MY:shame:
  2. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Best of luck.
  3. 3 months ago one of my friends got very sick, went to the hospital, they gave her a scan and found a tumor in her liver the size of a smll orange.
    the doc's told her they were certain she had cancer.
    then a week later told her she didn't have cancer.
    she is now pregnant with her 3rd child, and just remarried.
    she's fine.

    I hope your doctors are much MUCH better, and that your outcome is as joyous.
    :heart: :heart: Thoughts and warm wishes for your health.:heart: :heart:
    Also (because it's really important to hear) I'm sorry you are going through this.
  4. I am sorry ranskimmie. You will be in my prayers tonight. I hope everything turns out fine.
  5. You are in my prayers.
  6. (((hugs)))

    I hope the spot on your liver is nothing. Hang in there!
  7. Yeah... I had that same thing happen. That was the longest week of my life.
  8. You are in my prayers. I know it can be scary. I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of weeks ago and I totally lost my mind...I am so sorry.

    Thanks to one of the PF members she pointed me to an excellent forum for woman suffering from PCOS. They have provided support and comfort.

    I'll light a candle for you..so you have strength .....hugs....:heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Oh goodness. What is PCOS?
  10. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and thoughts. What caused the tumors in the liver? That is way too scarry.
  11. I will definately keep you in my prayers!!
  12. Beleive it or not....I have had cysts EVERYWHERE..back when I had ovaries ..and SPOTS on the liver..It was nothing..SO dont get your self sick until you are re-checked!!.Let us know how you are ..BUT dont make yourself crazy..Its not that abnormal..HUGS!
  13. What a difficult time you are going through!! One of those conditions would be bad, but to be dealing with all of them--I can't imagine. Think of all the forum friends you have and all the prayers and good thoughts that are being sent your way--I hope it helps at least a little.

    Please keep us updated. We care, Ranskimmie.

  14. Hormonal imbalance, where you have cysts on your ovaries and it is really difficult to conceive....very difficult....
  15. You don't know yet that the spot on the liver is a tumor, do you? It's natural to think that, but try not to get ahead of things.

    The gallstone--has it caused you pain? If they recommend gallbladder removal, that is one of the most routine, fast recovery surgeries you can have. They may just recommend an adjustment in your diet.