I could use some insight!

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  1. I searched for help with this issue, but I had a hard time finding a similar issue, so here goes.

    I had a buyer open a case against me via PayPal saying they did not authorize a purchase. This buyer made an offer on my item & I accepted. A couple days passed with no payment or contact from the buyer so eBay opened a NPB for me (I have it set to automatically open). Exactly 24 hours before the case would close in my favor, the buyer paid- so I shipped the item the following business day. I even contacted them immediately after they paid stating I'd ship the following day. I've received no contact from this person. This is my first issue as a seller, so I want to make sure I either keep the money or get my item back. Please help!
  2. So is the dispute opened through PP? That's usually where an "unauthorized use" dispute comes from.

    As long as the details of the paypal transaction shows "eligible" for seller protection, you're okay.

    Respond to the dispute showing that you shipped to the "okay to ship" address and that's where it was delivered (state tracking number, date, time and zip code of delivery) and that you have s.p.

  3. Thank you for responding! The buyer opened the case via PP even though it was an eBay transaction. It was less than $70, so I did not do a signature for this package. It says I am covered with seller protection if I followed the steps listed (which I did). It says the chargeback is with her CC company and she has been refunded.
  4. You didn't need s.c. and since you followed paypal's rules for seller protection, you should be fine.

    Call Paypal and tell them all this. They should stand behind you although sometimes you have to become a thorn in their side.

    When it happened to me, they released the money after I called then a couple of days later, they put the hold back on it. I had to call again to remind them of my s.p.

  5. I just talked to the & they said they will submit my info to the CC company. Hopefully this won't be an issue & I'll get my money back. If they don't release it I will call them every day until they give me my money!
    Thank you so much for your help, BeenBurned. I really appreciate it!!
  6. Don't worry. I had a similar situation. I uploaded tracking. My money was on hold for awhile but eventually it was released. Paypal told me I would get my money back.
  7. Same here! I had that happen to me over the summer. Someone made a best offer and then a month later there was a chargeback. I uploaded all my proof of delivery to the opened case and they released the hold after a few days. I think you will be fine! Just find the tracking # in your history and provide the information they're requesting!

  8. Thank you, whateve and regretless! The PP rep was actually very reassuring, so hopefully all goes well. I just feel like the buyer is taking advantage of the system to get a free wallet. I checked her toolhaus FB after I accepted her offer (silly move) & it was horrible. I was expecting something like this might happen. Ick.
  9. No, this is NOT the response you should get from them. This is a dodge.

    As long as the address was marked eligible and you provide proof of delivery (tracking should show it) they should release your funds to you immediately because you are covered by seller protection. Call back and remind them of this and make sure you don't let them go until they've released your funds.

    Point them here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/security/seller-protection

    Under "What are the Requirements for Seller Protection?"


  10. Thanks for the encouragement, uadjit! I called back & the funds are now released. I got connected to a very nice rep who is also a eBay seller, so he definitely understood. :smile:
  11. Great news! Glad to hear you got somebody helpful. That makes all the difference. :smile: