I could use one of these in the bag I decide to buy....

  1. So as I try to make my mind up on which bag (noe or speedy - both epi) I might decide to get. I figured, I could use this in either bag...it's my version of the purseket. This way I don't have to actually search for items in my bag.

    I decided to make this item myself since it was cheaper to make and then I could use my own design/pattern. As you can see, I love poodles. My brother actually had a dream that I had an LV purse w/poodles on it..kinda like the cerises but they were poodles instead.

  2. Wow, you made that? We have talent in the house!
  3. WOW, cute!
  4. very cute,..I love to be able to make that..
  5. Wow that is beautiful you are very talented!!! You should make them and sell them on eBay!!!
  6. :nuts: Very cute! Love the poodles!
  7. Wow, thats very creative. Looks great too!
  8. That's pretty. I've always wanted to know how to sew. I failed miserably in 7th grade. I couldn't get my stitches straight.
  9. That's adorable! I'd love to buy one from you if you decide to make them for sale!
  10. Nice and i'm sure much cheaper then the purseket. The only thing with the purseket is there is a stiff material on the middle to keep it standing.
    but great job :smile: :yahoo:
  11. Wow, you made this? Very talented!! Wish I could sew like that...

    I agree, I think you should make some and sell them off ebay!
  12. Wow, that is adorable! :love:
  13. It's very cute! Love the pink and the poodles!:heart:
  14. so cute!
  15. I agree it is adorable! You should definitely start a little business out of this on Ebay.