I could strangle my husband's co-worker!

  1. A woman who sits right outside my husband's office hangs her purse on a little hook on her cubicle every day. They chat... and he likes to show off his knowledge by commenting on them. "Oh, that's a Dior... that's a Balenciaga... nice Tod's".

    She has always just laughed and admired his attention to detail - HA! But today, she says, "you are SO SWEET for buying your wife $1000+ purses!"

    His eyes must have bugged out of his head! He knows the bags are expensive, but we don't discuss details. I think he preferred living in denial.

    Ohhhhh I could just flick her in the ear!!!:lol:
  2. Ouch :cursing:
  3. Wow. IMHO, even when it's 'joking' it's never funny to fling costs around for discussion. In fact, I find it tasteless and inconsiderate.
  4. O my goodness, that is to cute and hilarious:okay:
  5. What the??? :shrugs: EWWW!!!!
  6. LOL! It's funny but at the same time, I can see how annoying that can be! Let's hope he doesn't monitor your purchases!
  7. She should have kept that comment to herself.
  8. IKES! I hate when that happens... what did he say???
  9. what would offend me most about this woman's comment is how she assumes that your husband buys you the bags (i.e. assuming it was *his* $$$, not your own). Now that I'm working I make almost as much as my DH does, and could have easily purchased all my bags with my OWN salary. It irks me a little when ppl say "you're so lucky to have a husband that buys you expensive bags!", like they're assuming i only have them because HE pays for them. :mad: geez, did it ever occur to people that women can have well-paying jobs and can afford nice things for themselves? :confused1:
  10. He didn't say much... just relayed the funny (?) story.

    And then asked... "so how much is the weird smudgy one you want?"

    Smudgy... uhhh - that would be the watercolors.

    And then I changed the subject :love:
  11. LOL. At least shes not hanging H off her cubilce. He'd prob have a brain anyerism.
  12. The day he pays her enough to buy H is the day I get one! :okay:
  13. Some People just have big mouths and don't know when to shut up, I guess!

  14. ^^^^^^^^


  15. ouch! i'm sorry to hear she spilled the beans - but what a silly comment on her part... i hate it when people comment on how much something costs; it's so tacky & makes me feel uncomfortable.