I could say this is a Wylde reveal, but that would be lame

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  1. But I'll go with that title, anyway.

    This was a Halloween party order for my friend's daughter gone wrong and probably not something I would have spent the money on myself, but will I take advantage of a situation where handbags are at stake? Yes, yes I will.

    Is anyone around?

  2. Not lame at all; I love the pun! :roflmfao: Or maybe I'm just that lame...
  3. i'm here!
  4. i have to tease a little

    i adore anything with a chain on it...

  5. eek! i'm excited :P
  6. Hurry up!
  7. ^ I'm tempted to really drag this out now

    Just this one last pic until the reveal. Anyone have any guesses?

  8. I think I have the same bag on the way! (outnet?) Can't wait to see more!
  9. Or no guesses :P

    It's the Thomas Wylde Menace Special bag. It'll make a nice evening bag and it's really quite adorable in person.

  10. How large is it? Do you think it will fit the basic daytime essentials?
  11. i totally love the chain!

    dare i ask for....mod shots? :P :lol:
  12. bumble, it fits more than you would think because of the two compartments, and you could use the middle if you have to since it's fairly deep. I got my phone, digital camera, mascara and foundation in it, and if you have a coin purse or small wallet, there's room for that, too. So if you don't carry a lot (which I don't) I think it's fine for daytime use, too.
  13. Love it! Its super cute and edgy.
  14. Very cute!
  15. Ohhhh love it!