I Could Really Use Some Help!!


Jun 14, 2008
Most Everyone's Mad Here
I am thinking that I have the itch to buy a new bag! I keep seeing everyone with these beautiful new bags and I am having problems picking out which one I should put my hard earned bucks into. I am loving the gray Legacy and Zoe bags. I wanted the Zoe in Flint Suede... but suede is such a pain to keep clean, especially in the snow. I want a bag that will match my new snowboots... which I realized I should probably post a pic of, since I never did. They are the Marian's in Black & Gray. I have several all-leather black Coach bags, so I don't need anymore. I think Gray is a really pretty color for fall and winter, and am leaning towards the medium Zoe in Petrol... I just don't know. Then do I have too many Zoe's? That would make three all-together, and two patent. Ugh, it shouldn't be this hard to pick a bag. Do any of you guys ahve any reccomendations? Or suggestions? Should I wait until Coach releases their winter stuff? I'm just afraid with the Holidays coming I won't have the extra funds to purchase a bag! Oh I suppose I should mention that I only want leather bags. I have too many signature and I'm trying to expand my leather collection! And, I wasn't lucky enough to get a PCE card this time around because I was doing most of my purchasing directly from the Coach website (hopefully I'll get one next time around!) so no discounts for me! TIA!


Videre est credere
Jul 23, 2008
If you don't see anything you like on the website now, pop into a store and look at the new look book pages. They have all the new pages inserted for the stuff that is being released Sept/Oct. Maybe something will catch your eye.