I Could Not Resist The Carolina ( My New JC7 Too)

Mar 5, 2006
Thank you wonderful fellow Jimmy Choo lovers for all your sweet words:heart:.

Stinkerbelle, I will be sure to bring the Carolina to California. You can touch it to your hearts desire!

Robyn, sorry to say no room left in my closet. I have gone as vertical as possible in there. Wait until we finish building my next closet, oops...I mean home. My understanding DH did not even blink when I suggested this one section of the closet be made into a "bag boutique":nuts: :heart: It is a little ways off right now though so I will probably need to stop buying purses:crybaby:. No more room. Do you think I can do it?

Lady chinadoll, the modeling pics may not surface.Sorry. I am scrambling to get ready for the upcoming holiday. I should be doing something other than this right now actually.

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone right now:party: I will be MIA for a little while. Take care and I look forward to catching up in a couple of weeks!