I Could Not Resist The Carolina ( My New JC7 Too)

  1. I have loved the Carolina Oversized Clutch from the moment I saw her:love:. My one concern was how I would feel about the eelskin.Well, I am so glad I took the plunge. I bought this one without seeing it in person and love it! It is a very cool clutch. I have been using it mostly as a shoulder bag though.

    The JC7, I lucked into. This is the style that got me hooked on Jimmy Choo. I have never tired of this style and as a die hard Jimmy Choo lover I am thrilled to have this baby in my collection!

    The first time I used my new JC7 I came home with a horrible pen mark right on the front, but thanks to the multi talented Robyn I was able to fully remove the mark with the Coach cleaner she recommended quite a few posts ago! Thanks Robyn:flowers:


    carolina.jpg jc7.jpg carolina jc7.jpg
  2. love love love the eel clutch!!!
  3. Congrats. both fab bags that can be enjoyed for years to come
  4. :drool::drool::drool:what a fab clutch!
    Ok ...you know we're gonna need it - fork over the modeling pic!

    Is the JC7 the tulita bag or the clutch?
    I want to be sure I am properly educated in JC bags 101 :biggrin:
  5. Samantha - I love eelskin! It has such a unique feeling. Congrats!
  6. Great new edition - I checked out the Carolina after another member posted her photos and it was so lightweight and elegant - congrats!
  7. Both bags are gorgeous! That clutch is TDF. :heart:
  8. Congratulations on such beautiful bags. What I love about the Carolina is this cool 70s disco vibe translated into a very wearable, modern bag. Where did you find the JC7?
  9. Thank you so much mim23, FleurDeLis, Lady chinadoll, jburgh, starbuxxx, jmcadon, and Polaremil :flowers:

    Lady chinadoll, you are too funny! I will see what I can do;) The JC7 is from the Tulita Collection and is considered a Flap Hobo.

    starbuxxx, the Carolina really is very lightweight.

    Polaremil, I think the Carolina has a cool 70s disco vibe too! Exactly how I would describe it. I think it looks like it belongs in the wardrobe Sharon Stone wore in the movie Casino.
  10. Oooh....the Carolina clutch is fantastic! I would love to actually feel that bag IRL....I imagine it's so soft. :girlsigh:

    I love JC's oversized clutches, they're so much more practical than the smaller size clutches and you can actually use them far more than you would an evening bag size clutch, especially since they have the chain strap. That bag looks like it would go with everything! :tup:
  11. Samantha - Thanks for letting me know about the JC7 flap hobo :tup:

    With your new additions you probably need to make some closet space, maybe your brown Troy clutch will want to come live at my house :graucho::graucho:
    Just offering to help :p
  12. More TDF additions Samantha :drool::woohoo:

    I have looked at the Ramona eel skin bag everytime I go into Nordies and I just :heart: it more and more. The clutch is FABULOUS and you wear clutches (garbage bags, robes, slippers, plastic bags, etc.... ) Wonderfully :queen:

    I also love your JC7:choochoo: I am so happy the ink came off without a problem. I will have to check out this model sometime, but I have not found one at any of the stores and I am not as familiar with it, to trust a purchase on eBay :sweatdrop:

    We are going to all come live in your closet Samantha....
    Now, do you have a special closet to house all your gorgeous bags or do they have their own room?

    Congratulations and :ty:for for being such an AMAZING role model :girlsigh:
  13. I never knew they made bags from eel skin. I love the uniqueness to the bag. Whoever said you only need on black bag because they all look the same clearly needs to be taught to spot details.
  14. Beautiful bags, great classics!!
  15. :popcorn:Come on Hot legs!:woohoo::lol::lol::woohoo:

    Modeling pics!