I could kill him. Yes, really.

  1. So there's me out with my recently purchased magenta first; top of the world and feeling great.... only it's second outing when disaster strikes.
    My fiance asks for my phone and I reply oh it's in my bag.... big mistake.
    I hear the dull thud of leather snapping. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it! I look up and he's sat there with a tassle in his hand snapped in two.:wtf: First a look of shock crosses my face; then he says "oh this isn't very good quility- it must have been cheap" :mad: :censor: :cursing: (at the time I hadn't told him it was a balenciaga)
    And finally it hit me what he'd done :crybaby: I think he realised the severity of the situation when he saw my face.:hysteric:
    So the problem is; when I bought the bag I knew one of the tassles was split all the way and I had only just put on the spare! (and that was it):sad:
    Is there any way for me to get replacement tassles?? I know it's an 05 colour so I won't hold my breath. Or I could just make do somehow.

    Anyway I guess the moral of the story is; never ever ever let an uneducated man near your beloved bag. Seriously.
  2. WOW the tassel must have already been weak if it snapped when he was just trying to pull the zipper open... my tassels are pretty strong, I dropped my bag once and caught it by the tassel and it didn't snap! I hope you can get a replacement!
  3. Oh NO *_* i know how you feel!!!!... My BF vacuumed my tassle (?!?!?!?!?!) and snapped it right in half... *ARH*

    I think i read somewhere that older tassles can be ordered at BALNY... you should call and find out!!
  4. Oh sorry that happened, once I put my B bag on the ground while I was at a make up counter, didn't realise i had put my foot on it, lifted up the bag & snapped the leather thong. I hope you can find replacement. Balenciaga are I believe selling them now in some stores. Did you not have some replacements with the bag?
  5. You can try calling BALNY..they sometimes have some old color stock tassels in stock...otherwise maybe you can add a bag charm to the front zipper instead of a tassel...some of the bags charms are really cute and several inches long so you would use them as a pull for the zipper and it will also decorate the bag up some...I saw someone on this site also made decorated tassels but I can't remember who...maybe she will see this and write in...

    good luck!:shame:
  6. ^^ our lovely Deana makes bag charms!!! :tender:

    p.s. i think that's a great idea for missing tassels :heart:
  7. Thanks everyone... you konw how it is when you get a new baby and then something like that happens! Its not the end of the world; I know. Thanks diana I have seen those decorated tassles - I think it might be deana who makes them? (I saw an eBay auction of hers) ... if not I could ring a store- I live in England so possibly one over here.
  8. i've snapped a couple of them on my grey 04 city in the past few weeks, i think it's the dry cold weather. i need to get some replacements but i really begrudge spending some insane amount on shipping to get them from balny when they cost like $5 or so.. i wonder if you can get them from the paris shop?
  9. Yes thats a good idea... if anyone could give me the number of BalNY or the store in Paris I would be most grateful:shame:
  10. I caught my eldest daughter (almost 20, no concern with fashion at all) braiding the tassels on my Twiggy this morning. I barely contained my shriek of "DON'T BRAID MY TASSELS!!!!!"
  11. Do you have the mirror for it? Take the tassel off the mirror. Most of us dont use the mirror anyway.
  12. Oh, no! It's interesting that you should mention it, though, because I just started carrying an 05 olive day, and the tassels seem a lot softer and more fragile than the ones on my 06 bags. I was actuallly thing, "Oh, I'd better be careful and hold the tassel close to the zipper when I open the bag."

    Yes, you should be able to order new tassels from BalNY. If not, there was a thread (or two) documenting posters fixing their own snapped tassels with flexible leather glue and having a lot of success.

    As for the boyfriend...40 lashes with that tassel!
  13. :yes: :yes:
  14. i've used the mirror tassel too.. it came with two broken tassels and only one spare so i had to put the mirror tassel to use straight away :crybaby:
  15. i'm so sorry about the tassel :sad:

    excellent idea about using the mirror tassel, though! :yes: