I could kick myself a thousand times!

  1. Ok, I know there are those bags, especially at the outlets, that we've all looked at and thought, great deal, but DO I HAVE TO HAVE IT? And then we either got home and decided we wanted it, only to go back and it was gone, or bags we've looked at in the outlets and turned our back, and BANG, some other shopper picked it up. I'm curious what bags we've all passed up or missed out on that we still think about..kind of like the ex boyfriend that we still fondly remember. For me, it was the signature patchwork large hobo with hot pink python trim marked down to $145.00. What about the rest of you? Any regrets, and if so, what bag was it? And, did you end up finally getting one after obsessing about it for eons??
  2. :noggin: That's for you! :smile: Now you just need 999 more! ;)

    Mine was a Black Pleated Hobo at TJ Maxx.... it was so soft and pretty... and cheap. :crybaby:

    I need a good :noggin: over that bag! :push:
  3. I wish I had picked up an E charm and a couple mini skinnies my last trip, but then again I had a 6 month old with me who was having none of that Im lucky I got out with a wallet and keyfob.
  4. I don't think that I have had any "bag regrets", at least none that I can remember. But I was insanely obsessed over the Legacy Signature Satchel when it came out last year. I probably looked at it online every day for a month, and then decided to start selling some of my bags that I no longer used on eBay to be able to afford it. I think I sold 4 bags in order to get that one, but I had to have it and I still love it as much as the first time I laid eyes on it! :yes:
  5. I only regret not buying an umbrella at the outlet for $30! Duh. Oh well!