I could cry...

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  1. Oh my, that is sad! And she listed it as "good condition"?
    I guess that can be very subjective. I wonder what the stain is, red wine?
  2. I betcha someone grabs this bag and tries to fix it. I wonder if Barbara at Lovin My Bags could fix it. She got a coffee stain out of my Botkier so I bet she could. But it would be 125 minimum plus to and from shipping. If you got the bag for 9.99 the price would be worth it.
  3. Does Lovinmybags also take care of scratches?
  4. LovinmyBag does everything. I know they fix tears in Balenciaga bags and match the color and all so I bet a scratch is simple for them to fix.
  5. Hmmm...if you won this bag at a really low price and then got the stain out it might be worth it.
    It looks like it has had something 'squeezy' dropped on it, like ketchup or something.
    But then it could be something really bad like nail varnish.
    I would love to be nosey and ask the seller what exactly made that stain.
  6. poor bag. :sad:
  7. If I wanted this bag I would sent a quick email with this link to Barbara at Lovin My Bags and get a quote for fixing it. Then you are armed with the knowledge before you buy it.

    I sent a Baca to her and it isn't finished yet but by her emails to me she is working wonders.
  8. i cant believe its up to 102 i dunno if i could ever pay over 100 $ for a damaged bag ,,,,, :sad:
  9. Q: Other than the big stains, is the bag in good shape? does it have any tears or rips, or stitching that has come loose? Thanks! Do you know what the stain is from?

    May-25-07A: other than the stain the bag is in very good shape. the stain came from apple juice.
  10. Wow, apple juice, sounds like acid to me...
  11. Those Cognac Marcelles are gems, that's why even damaged it went as high as it did. And yes, I bet LMB could fix that baby right up.
  12. I know someone who lives in Chicago who does wonders with stains. Name is Lisa Reese, ElleSellsBagsWithTags@msn.com. She sells Coach and Dooney bags but she did wonders with a couple old Coach bags I had. You can get some things out with a magic eraser, one of those stiff foam laundry aids. But this one looks like it needs professional help. You could send Lisa a photo and see what she thinks.